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Worst Movies of 2009 - Malayalam

I hope this does not turn out to be controversial. But just for the fun sake of it, lets take a look at the worst movies that came out in the year 2009.  This should be considered just as a regular movie buff's opinion on some really bad movies that insulted the intelligence of the movie-going audience. The list is based majorly on movies which I have seen (because I cannot comment on the ones I havent seen). So there might be many more pathetic movies that you guys can add to the list. As of now, here are the 10 worst movies of 2009...

10. Kadha, Samvidhanam Kunchacko
Kadha Samvidhanam Kunchacko

Director - Haridas Keshavan
Cast - Sreenivasan, Meena and many others whom I dont remember.

How bad can a Sreenivasan movie get? This was the question in mind while I was watching this movie (on DVD, thankfully). Frankly, in my memory, I've only seen one BAD Sreenivasan movie and that was Bhargavacharitham Moonnam Khandam. But this one outdid even that. A truly pathetic movie made out of an interesting storyline (which looks inspired from the classic tale, A Christmas Carol). Even Sreenivasan was at his worst in this movie. I think the movie came out in February or March and didnt even run for two weeks at many places. Totally deserving for a movie like this.

9. Colours

Director - Raj Babu
Cast -  Dileep, Roma, Bhama, Vinu Mohan, Innocent, Saranya, etc.

Another movie I saw on DVD. It was so bad that I had to switch off the DVD 10 minutes into the movie. I didnt have the courage to see the movie further. There were some unbearable scenes in the name of comedy by Harisree Ashokan and Cochin Haneefa. One cannot believe that these two were the same people who made us laugh like hell in Punjabi House. Roma continued her wonderful overacting that she has been doing in all her movies afterNotebook. Bhama was the only good thing about the movie in the 10 minutes I saw. I couldnt see any scene featuring Dileep who featured in an extended special appearance in the movie. So I dont know how he performed in the movie.

8. Oru Black & White Kudumbam

Director - Shaiju Anthikkad
Cast - Kalabhavan Mani, Jayasurya, Vinaya Prasad, Bhama, Lalu Alex

Another atrocious movie which was supposedly a comedy. I expected a decent entertainer after hearing the concept and the casting of Mani and Jayasurya. But the movie was a marathon of cliches. And the second half of the film tried to create a Priyadarshanesque mood where everyone mistook each other as someone else. Many situations were liberally borrowed from Kamal Haasan's Avvai Shanmughi and these sequences also were not rarely funny. And on top of all that, there was Suraaj Venjarammood with a huge collection of double-meaning sexist jokes (which were enjoyed by some members of the audience, sadly) which totally put me off. Bhama, who is usually good showed new skills in overacting. The only saving grace was the presence of Mani and Jayasurya who tried their best to save this movie, but in vain.

7. Moz & Cat

Director - Fazil
Cast - Dileep, Niveditha, Ashwathy Ashok, Rahman, Manoj K Jayan, Jagathy Sreekumar, etc.

It is really sad to see the name of a director like Fazil in lists like these. But I couldnt help it as I HAD to include this movie in the list. Truly one of the worst films I've ever seen, and that too from a director who was there among my favourites till some years back. I clearly couldnt understand what the story of the film was. The comedy was pathetic (I heard director Siddique shot some comedy scenes for the movie) and certainly not expected from a director like Fazil. All songs except one were terrible and the movie had was shot like a serial in minimal locations inside Ernakulam. Rahman played a really confusing character with even more confusion. Dileep had nothing to do. Ashwathy Ashok, the new heroine, was kinda okay. Niveditha breathed life into an otherwise forgettable film. She was the only good thing about the film.

6. Nammal Thammil
nammal thammil

Director - Viji Thampy
Cast - Prithviraj, Indrajith, Geethu Mohandas, Revathy, Suhasini, Balachandra Menon

This movie was unintentionally funny. Featuring the young star Prithviraj; his brother, the talented Indrajith and the extremely talented Geethu Mohandas, this movie was made way back in 2003 and was stuck in the cans for all these years. Due to compulsion from a friend of mine ($%#@@), I had to go and sit through this ridiculous movie in the theatre. And I must say that I had a really good time laughing at this movie. The movie showed Prithvi and Geethu seeing Kal Ho Naa Ho in theatre during an outing from college (which was the trendiest movie in 2003) and seeing Baazigar in theatre in a flashback scene. (How many years did they study in college? 10? :P). Two raunchy songs shot utilizing the sex appeal of Geethu Mohandas were the only saving factors. Out of that, 'Junile Nilamazhayil' was famous for years before the movie's release. The only reason why I agreed to watch this movie was the presence of people like Revathy and Suhasini. But they also disappointed me grossly by appearing in some of the most cliched scenes in movie history. Phew!!

5. Rahasya Police
rahasya police

Director - K Madhu
Cast - Jayaram, Riyaz Khan, Samvritha, Ananya, Mala Aravindan, Indrans, Harisree Ashokan

This has to be the most ridiculous movie written by SN Swami. I went for this movie along with lots of my friends on first day because of the successful K Madhu-SN Swami combination. And what we saw was some disastrous work where each actor was shouting at the other when they had to speak in very normal tones. I felt sad for Jayaram who was trying very hard to be an action hero. He just cannot do that. And the title itself gave away the secret behind his so-called triple role. Lol. The funniest part was Riyaz Khan talking about his encounters with some fat aunty. It has to be heard to be believed!! And there were like 4 stunt sequences where Jayaram and Riyaz Khan were fighting, and Riyaz was not even an ally of the villain in the film. Didnt they get bored beating up each other?? The suspense at the end is the nail on the coffin. SN Swamy's usual trick of setting up a murder mystery around some sort of adultery and then making the least possible person into a villain falls flat on its face in this one. Its high time he stopped writing stuff like these. I suggest that the crew of this film watch Palery Manikyam to see how a murder mystery can be unfolded.

4. Angel John
Angel John movie stills, photos,wallpapers

Director - SL Puram Jayasurya
Cast - Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, Mohanlal, Nitya Menen, Jagathy Sreekumar, Lalu Alex, Baiju

If a Mohanlal movie leaves theatres within two weeks of its release, then something's got to be really wrong. Angel John had a good message for the youth of today, but the way it is put across is really silly. An apology of a movie, it had a non-actor like Shanthanu trying his best to emote various emotions that a jobless youth has to go through. As though in reply to a particular ghost, Mohanlal pops out of nowhere as an angel who comes down to the earth to protect the protagonist played by Shanthanu. Other than just one interesting scene featuring Jagathy Sreekumar, this movie had almost nothing. I wonder why such movies get made. Mohanlal wears some ridiculous wigs and costumes and looks really bad. Even though he tries to do something out of the poor character he is given, it is all in vain, as the whole thing just looks ridiculous in totality. And the last scene which shows Mohanlal with wings was just the heights of absurdity!! Why are movies like these even made??

3. Love In Singapore

Directors - Rafi/Mecartin
Cast - Mammootty, Navneet Kaur, Nedumudi Venu, Jayasurya, Suraaj Venjarammood, Rajan P Dev

Another superstar movie which went out of theatres in less than 2 weeks. I think Love In Singapore was made as an excuse for the cast and crew to have a holiday in Singapore. With absolutely no sight of even the slightest form of a screenplay, this film did a lot of damage to Mammootty, who was already having a rough phase with back-to-back flops from the previous year. The movie reduced the talented actor to a clown and it was a shame to see him act in some really ridiculous comic scenes. As the poster above says, one of the songs of the movie tried to present the 'Mega' star in Mega style and what resulted was funnier than the whole movie put together. Mammootty doing ramp walk along with some sad-looking Bombay exports was unintentionally funny. The worst part was when he walked shirtless wearing a monkey cap, shades and a blazer on top of his shirtless body and trying to do some hip-hop actions. I seriously wished I hadnt seen that. Jayasurya was also there in a blink and miss appearance. The heroine Navneet Kaur started acting in B-grade Tamil movies in item dance scenes after this one. A travel programme on any of our local channels would have better visuals of Singapore than the ones shown in this movie.

2. Bhagavan

Director - Prashanth Mampully
Cast - Mohanlal, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Daniel Balaji

This is the only movie in the whole list which I have not seen personally. But I'm pretty sure anyone who has seen it would agree to its placement on this list. I still dont know why Mohanlal gave dates (sorry, date) to a person like Prashanth Mampully (his Orkut profile was a subject of some hilarious discussion during the release of this movie). Maybe, the idea of shooting an entire film in a matter of 17 hrs excited him. (Lots of $$ from just one day of shooting, who can deny such an offer? :P) Other than the record time in which it was shot, the movie had nothing else. I havent seen it (luckily, I was away from Kerala during its release and when I came back after 2 weeks, it was gone :D), so I cannot comment further. But those who have seen it wish to forget that they had seen such a film, that too featuring someone like Mohanlal. The movie supposedly had a song called 'Super Actor Laletta' or something like that. Does an actor like Mohanlal really need all that??

1. Ee Pattanathil Bhootham
PattanathilBhootam releasedate

Director - Johnny Antony
Cast - Mammootty, Somebody who resembled Mammootty but in ponytails and a squeaky voice, Kavya Madhavan, Rajan P Dev, Suraaj Venjarammood, Elephant, Monkey, Tiger and lots of other animals including Guinnes Pakru who gets transformed into a dog (:D).

If the cast wasnt obvious enough as to why this movie gets the No.1 position among the worst movies of the year, I shall elaborate further. Touted as a children's movie, this movie had as many adult jokes as an SJ Suryah movie. And for today's children who watch Harry Potter and Transformers while growing up, Mammootty in a weird costume speaking in a female voice, certainly would not appeal. The movie took a long time to release due to its special effects works, which were supposed to be really good. I'll give a short description of one of the scenes in the movie involving special effects - It is a scene where Mammootty (the human) is supposed to do some tricks while riding a horse in the circus. When he does that, his head appears separate, a body of a dupe appears separate and the horse appears separate. And believe it or not, he even rides the horse hanging upside down, and you can see his head pasted somewhere near the floor. WHY are we subjected to things like these which are made to please the fans of these stars who want to see their idols glorified in each and every scene. The lesser said about Mammootty's ghost character, the better. Kavya Madhavan didnt have a clue of what she was doing in the entire film. As I have mentioned in the cast list, Pakru gets morphed into a dog, something which appeared truly as an insult to that person. Mammootty said in a recent interview that films like these came as a result of his quest for experiments. Sir, please dont subject us to more experiments like these? We like you as the good actor you are, in good roles that suit you. Not atrocities like this. Thankfully, he had some really good movies in the latter half of the year to wash away this sin.

Certain other bad movies also released, like Kaanakanmani, where a good thought was really messed up as a pathetic movie, and the award winning Oru Pennum Randaanum by Adoor Gopalakrishnan, which I found as one of the most pointless films (maybe its my mistake. I dont understand the point behind making such a movie). A semi-bad/semi-okay Red Chillies by the Mohanlal- Shaji Kailas team and various others like Duplicate (Many people liked it and it even turned into a hit) and Hailesa, Calendar, Dr/Patient,Kappal Muthalali, etc. none of which I have seen, thankfully. If you have any more films that can be added to this list, please do mention in the comments section. :) And this post is written in the assumption that the two biggies releasing for Christamas, Ividam Swargamanu and Chattambinadu would not turn out to be bad movies. :)

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