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Worst Movies of 2009 - Tamil

2009 was not a very good year for Tamil Cinema as very few good movies and hits came out of the industry in this year. The number of releases were as usual, huge, but this list is. as per protocol (:P), based on movies which I have seen. This is being written based on the assumption that Vettikkaran will not be as bad as the movies mentioned in the list. If it turns out that way, then the post will have to be re-edited in all probability.

10. Sarvvam

Director - Vishnuvardhan
Cast - Arya, Trisha, Indrajith, Chakravarthy

Sarvvam was one of the most expected movies of the year. It kept getting delayed and finally released sometime in May. People were shocked to see a bad film coming from a new-age director like Vishnuvardhan who made slick and stylish movies like Billa, Pattiyal and Arinthum Ariyamalum earlier. Arya couldnt play a romantic hero convincingly due to the ruggedness that is always associated with him. Trisha looked like a dream but had a really short role to play. Chakravarthy was scary in the beginning, but his character was very poorly developed and people lost interest in him after a while. Malayalam actor Indrajith didnt have a noteworthy role to play. The movie had quite a breezy and romantic first half with an old Ilaiyaraaja tune used repeatedly as background score by the maestro's son Yuvan Shankar Raja. And frankly, that was the best thing about the romance part. But soon after the interval, the movie gives an impression that it is going to be an action thriller. But there is no thrill and not much action also. Besides all these negatives, the movie could boast of amazing technical work. Great cinematography, good music, sound design and neat art direction contributed a lot to the movie. This movie is on this list because of the huge disappointment that Vishnuvardhan gave his loyal followers.

9. Kadhalna Summa Illai

Director - Ilankannan
Cast - Ravi Krishna, Sharvanand, Kamalinee Mukherjee

This movie was a remake of a critically acclaimed and successful Telugu movie (Gamyam, if I'm not wrong). It was supposed to be a road movie on the lines of Motorcycle Diaries where two guys rediscover themselves during a journey. But it was far from that. An extremely boring movie made in a very preachy way, this film was very tedious to watch. Ravi Krishna has constantly been showing horrendous histrionic skills in all his movies after 7G Rainbow Colony. But in this one, he was pretty decent and was the only reason which prevents you from turning the movie off. Kamalinee Mukherjee looked good but was wasted in a really silly role. The newcomer hero was wooden. I dont remember anything else about this movie which I saw earlier this year.

8. Aadhavan

Director - KS Ravikumar
Cast - Surya, Nayanthara, Murali, Shayaji Shinde, Rahul Dev, Saroja Devi, Vadivelu

This movie wasnt bad as such. But when a hitmaker like KS Ravikumar and a star like Surya come together, one expects blockbuster material. The movie was lackluster, to say the least.  The pairing of Surya and Nayanthara was not very pleasing to the eye, and there wasnt much chemistry on screen. Vadivel's comedy track was thankfully weaved into the main storyline and was pretty decent compared to his recent flicks. The movie doesnt really create any excitement in you throughout its running length. Harris Jayaraj recycled some of his usual tunes to create the songs for the movie.  The ridiculous fight scenes in the climax and the cliched revealing of the suspense did some more damage. The movie was watchable to a certain extent, but still, bad considering what one expects out of these two people.

7. Padikkathavan

Director - Suraaj
Cast - Dhanush, Tamannah, Vivek, Suman, Atul Kulkarni, Prathap Pothen

A bad movie turned into a hit by some aggressive promotion by Sun Pictures, this movie was all about fights and songs. Vivek was roped in for a role written for Vadivelu in the last minute and the Padmashri winning actor ended up doing some of the worst comic scenes in his career. Dhanush doing comedy, or chasing the girl was fine till a certain point. But after they fall in love, the movie becomes unbearable. If my memory is right, there were some 3-4 villains in the same movie, including heavyweights like Atul Kulkarni and Suman. Tamannah looked really pretty as well as hot in some of the songs. One or two songs were okay while the others were plain boring. Action sequences ranging from man on man fights to helicopters bursting into flames, was all there in the movie in quick succession.

6. Thoranai

Director - Saba Iyyappan
Cast - Vishal, Shriya

I guess everyone can guess why this movie is on this list just by taking a look at the picture above. It certainly looks scary enough. I havent seen the full film. I stopped watching it after I saw the very first scene, that of Vishal's introduction. Even the hotness of Shriya in some of the songs, didnt tempt me to watch the entire film. I remember switching off Vishal's last film, a sad movie called Sathyam after watching the much-hyped song with him and Nayanthara (of course, the rest of the movie was on fast-forward mode). I dont have anything more to say about this one.

5. Masilamani

Director - Manohar
Cast - Nakul, Sunaina, Delhi Ganesh

Another bad movie which became a hit, thanks to Sun Pictures, Masilamani had Nakul and Sunaina, the successful couple of the horrifying film Kadhalil Vizhunthen (which was a superhit, thanks to Sun Pictures again, and Nakka Mukka). Nakul continued his overacting from his previous movie. It is surprising that the same guy was really good as the fat kid in Boys. A movie created to turn Nakul into a Vijay, or even a Rajnikanth, has all elements of a Tamil mass hero film, for this 2 film old actor. I had to watch this movie because I didnt get tickets for some other movie playing in the same complex. And I just have a vague memory of some random songs and random fight sequences and some really pathetic acting. Sunaina ocassionally looks good. There was one good song by hitmaker Vijay Antony, but almost all the other songs were also really popular among everybody else other than me. After watching this movie, all I could say was  - 'Mokkai thaanga mudiyalai!!'

4. Aarumugham

Director - Suresh Krrishna
Cast - Bharath, Priyamani, Ramya Krishnan

I havent seen this movie. But I saw several scenes from this movie which is directed by Suresh Krisshna who has directed two of the biggest hits in Tamil Cinema - Annamalai and Baasha and also one of the biggest flops in  Tamil Cinema- Baba.  This movie was a mixture of Suresh's own Annamalai and KS Ravikumar's Padaiyappa. From what I saw, Bharath was introduced exactly like Rajni's introduction song 'Vanthenda Paalkkaran' from Annamalai, just that instead of milk, the hero is selling idlis in this movie. Ramya Krishnan reprised her iconic role of Neelambari from KS Ravikumar's Padaiyappa to be at loggerheads with our hero. Priyamani was there just for the oomph quotient and she did that very well in a song ripped from Santosh Sivan'sAsoka. It is really sad to see a talented actor like Bharath desperately trying to be a mass hero through films like Pazhani and this one. After a point, every actor in Tamil stops experimenting and wants to become the next Rajnikanth. Bharath is the latest victim of this trend. All of them should realize that there can only be one Rajnikanth. Even Vijay, who has been trying for all these years has reached nowhere near the Superstar.

3. Ninaithaale Inikkum

Director - Kumaravel
Cast - Prithviraj, Priyamani, Shakti, Karthik, Bhagyaraj, Anuja Iyer

This one has got to be the worst remake I have ever seen. A well-made film like Classmates was ruined when it was made into Tamil. The whole nostalgia point was missed as the story was set in 2000, where the conditions were almost similar as of 2009. (The original had the flashback sequences set in early 1990s, which brought out a sense of nostalgia). Since campus politics is not very relevant in Tamil Nadu, that aspect also was severely diluted in the movie.  So ultimately, the two crucial themes of the original was sorely missing in this one. What the film had, was some serious overacting by Prithviraj, no acting at all by Shakti, random songs with no relation to the story, ridiculous scenes, and the national award winning actress Priyamani who had nothing to do in the movie. Prithviraj showed that he can perform the best way and the worst way, in the same character through Classmatesand this one. He gave his career-best performance in Classmates under the direction of Lal Jose and gave a disastrous performance in this one under Kumaravel. This proves that only a director who has control over him can extract a good performance from him. Anybody who has seen Classmateswould be laughing at this entire remake. Vijay Antony gave some hit songs though. And again because of some great marketing by Sun Pictures, the movie became an average earner.

2. Villu

Director - Prabhu Deva
Cast - Vijay, Nayanthara, Prakash Raj, Vadivelu

The audience, especially Vijay fans, had gargantuan expectations from this movie, because Vijay was getting back together with his Pokkiri director Prabhu Deva for yet another big-budget masala entertainer. But the movie, which was a lame remake of the Hindi film Soldier, disappointed everyone including the actor's die-hard fans. The movie ended up being a showcase of various body parts of Nayanthara manipulated cleverly by Prabhu Deva's shot division and Ravi Varman's camera. I think Vijay never learns his lesson as he keeps doing the same kind of movies repeatedly even after back-to-back flops. The movie had chartbuster songs like 'Daddy Mummy' and 'Vaada Mappilai' by Devi Sri Prasad, which are popular even now. But the entire movie was full of vulgar jokes and even more skin show by Nayanthara and the item girls Mumaith and Zabyn Khan. Vadivelu's comedy was truly terrible and not a patch on his work in Pokkiri. A talented actor like Prakash Raj was reduced to doing a caricaturish villain role in the film. This Pongal release was a big flop and yet another blow for Vijay who has yet another mass movie, Vettaikkaran ready for release. The only 2 people who benefited out of Villu, are Prabhu Deva and Nayanthara, who are now in a relationship, thanks to the various 'scenes' in the movie.

1. Kandasamy

Director - Susi Ganesan
Cast - Vikram, Shriya, Ashish Vidyarthi, Prabhu, Mukesh Tiwari, Vadivelu

Now, this has to be the WORST movie I have seen in the past few years in any language. And the unbelievable hype for this movie was one of the major reasons for it. In the making for around 2.5 years, this movie finally released sometime in July this year. The promos and previews suggested that it is going to be the first superhero movie in Tamil. But the superhero took a cock's avatar to save people (which he does even as his normal self, so I dont see any point in him becoming a superhero in the first place), and that too with a whole 'making of the superhero' segment inside the movie. The movie went on and on for 3 hours with flashy and dizzying shots edited together in a haphazard way, absolutely nothing called a story and some terrible performances from everyone other than Vikram and Prabhu. Susi Ganesan desperately tried to be the new Shankar by mixing together two recent superhit movies made by the master director - Anniyan and Sivaji. I ended up getting a headache after watching this unbelievably bad movie. And the worst part was that so much money was spent to make such a terrible movie, when the whole movie is about people mishandling money. What an irony!! Shriya looked different from her usual self and reached new levels of overacting through this movie. Vadivelu had a comedy track completely separate from the rest of the movie, which made no sense at all, and was irritating most of the time. Mumaith Khan was there in this one as well in a funny item number. Vikram's dialogues to Mumaith in the climax are priceless. SM Krishna who plays a senior CBI officer in the film would even beat Sam Anderson in the acting department. :P.

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