Thursday, April 1

April Fool

Movie - April Fool (Malayalam)
Director - Viji Thampy
Producer - Santosh Damodaran
Cast - Jagadish, Siddique, Jagathy Sreekumar, Biju Menon, Nayana, Ashokan, Lal
Music - M Jayachandran
Cinematography - Sanjeev Sankar
Editing - Raja Mohammed
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues - Jagadish
Release Date - 1st April 2010

April Fool, is the new offering from director Viji Thampy who hasnt had a hit in a really long time. It also marks the return of actor Jagadish as a script writer. But the actor can hardly take any credit as the screenwriter, as the movie is a scene by scene copy of the Hindi movie Bheja Fry, directed by Sagar Bellary, which itself was a copy of a French film. Not only the scenes, many of the dialogues are also literal translations of the Hindi dialogues.

The story is about a music producer Rakesh Menon (Siddique) whose weekend pastime is to find talented, but foolish people and present them at his club for his club members to ridicule the person without him knowing that he is being laughed at. His latest prey is Krishnanunni (Jagadish), an income tax officer who aspired to be a singer. A peculiar, nerdy character, Krishnanunni is the perfect find for Rakesh's friday night party. But on the same friday, Rakesh sprains his back after a fall and is advised for complete bedrest by his doctor Mohanachandran (Lal).  Rakesh's wife Seema (Nayana) who is already upset with this hobby of his, leaves the house after she listens to Rakesh's comments about her behaviour to the doctor. Krishnanunni lands up at the apartment at this very point and the events and confusions that follow form the rest of the story of April Fool.

April Fool works fine as an ensemble cast comedy comprising of some of our best comic talents like Jagadish, Jagathy Sreekumar and Siddique, and also has cameos by Mukesh, Ashokan and Lal. Each member of the cast have done their part well but the movie essentially belongs to Jagadish. He plays the title character of the fool very well and his characterization itself is sure to tickle your funny bones. He walks on a thin line between being extremely funny or going completely over the top, and thankfully, the actor manages to be funny, unlike his other release In Ghosthouse Inn, in which he was completely over the top and irritating. Siddique, on the other hand is awesome as usual. He is an actor who performs well in even the worst possible films. So he's bound to shine in films which have him as one of the lead characters. He brings a certain credibility to the character Rakesh Menon who has a lot of grey shades as well. Biju Menon is quite decent as the struggling music-director friend of Rakesh, Sharath. Jagathy Sreekumar as the strict income-tax officer Sathyakaman is impressive (feeling funny using this word for a legend like Jagathy Sreekumar :P). Ashokan in a short cameo has nothing much to do. Lal does a good job in the very little screen time he gets. The heroine Nayana, who plays Siddique's wife Seema has disastrous acting talents and is the weakest link in the movie. Especially when the same role was played by a powerful performer like Sarika in the original version. Mukesh is really funny in his short cameo.

The relationship issues in this film has been really toned down from what was said in the Hindi version, as the writer and director might have felt that Malayalis may not accept such relationship issues in a Malayalam film. But otherwise the film is a scene by scene copy of Bheja Fry adding no extra scenes for most parts (Thankfully) until the ending (the whole episode with KPAC Lalitha was totally unnecessary). 2 songs are forced into the narrative with absolutely no necessity, just for the sake of having songs. The director has been able to extract good performances in this performance-oriented movie from almost all his actors, except Nayana.

There is not much scope for technical brilliance in this movie- majority of which takes place in the hall of an apartment. Sanjeev Sankar has nothing much to do other than capturing the actors' performances in most scenes through his camera. Editing by Raja Mohammed is okay in this 2 hour long movie, and it would have been much better if he had chopped off those two songs. M Jayachandran's music is lackluster.
All in all, April Fool is the best among all the Malayalam movies released during this season so far. The same actors starred in the other big release of the season, In Ghosthouse Inn, and that movie wasnt half as funny as this one. I'm a person who has already seen Bheja Fry and loved it. But still I enjoyed this movie. So I'm quite sure that people who havnt seen or heard of Bheja Fry would certainly enjoy this movie. Go in expecting some brainless comedy, and you wouldnt be disappointed.

Rating - 3/5


  1. oh my god ! man ranjit.. i read ur previous reviews and i likd many ones.. bt here u given 3 out of 5, lol..

    ok anyway for me its one of the worst movie i watched so far dnt knw wht the hell is jagadish doin in it/ cant tolerate anyone.. poor story pooor acting by everyone... seriously no real comedy in it...
    anyway i knw its ur personel review and im not interfiering in it, its only my version. all the best pal.. do more n more reviews frm ur heart

  2. i was entertained by this movie after watching the horrible In Ghosthouse Inn. hence the review. and i love its original bheja fry. and 3/5 is a very average review if u go through the reviews in this blog.