Thursday, November 25

College Days is average at best.

Movie - College Days (Malayalam)
Director - GN Krishnakumar
Cast - Indrajith, Sandhya, Dhanya Mary Varghese, Biju Menon, Govind Padmasoorya, Suraaj Venjarammoodu, Bhama, Sayikumar. 
Music - Ronnie Raphael
Cinematography - Sujith Vasudev
Editing - Babu Retnam
Release Date - 19th November 2010. 

College Days is a Shaji Kailas inspired thriller which is about ragging in medical colleges a la Chinthamani Kolacase. The title and the stills suggest a breezy college flick, but then the posters have the tagline 'Spine-chilling suspense thriller' which creates doubts in your mind. And yes, College Days does not have even a single good thing about college life - the classes, friends, romance, fun or anything, its only about one aspect of college life - ragging. It also includes the mandatory Suraaj Venjarammoodu and an item song. 

Athira (Bhama), a medical student is killed by a group of 5 seniors including 3 guys and 2 girls in the ladies hostel of a famous medical college. The 5 free themselves from the case, since one of them is a highly influential minister's son. The story then moves to the next academic year, when Rohit Menon (Indrajith) joins the college for house-surgeoncy and on the very first day, he turns into the biggest enemy for the 5 bullies. They hatch different plans to trap Rohit, but none of them works, and when one of their plans go seriously wrong, Rohit gets killed. They hide the body and return back to their normal lives, but the city Police commissioner Sujith (Biju Menon) is on the trail of the murderers of Rohit. The events that follow forms the rest of College Days. 

The storyline of the movie is similar to many movies of the same genre that have come earlier in Malayalam, the most recent being Chinthamani Kolacase. The director has tried to do something different with the treatment, but has not succeeded. With a great actor like Indrajith on board, he could have used him to the film's advantage. But instead, Indrajith gets a raw deal as the actor is not utilized at all, especially in the entire second half, except for the climax. The writing is poor and most of the events and twists in the second half are easily predictable. 

Indrajith is earnest in his short stint as the young college hero. But in his second avatar, he is not given anything to perform. During the entire second half, he keeps appearing with thunder and lightning for company and does not utter a single word until the climax. Biju Menon excels as the police commissioner and he's the sole reason why we can sit through the entire second half. Sandhya is decent in the negative role, but Dhanya Mary Varghese and her bad acting does a lot of damage. The guys are competent, especially the main villain (didnt get his name) and Govind Padmasoorya. Suraaj Venjarammoodu is cheap and dirty as usual and his scenes with the fat star singer fellow are gross and puke-inducing. Bhama comes in a couple of scenes. Sayikumar has his regular bad minister role. 

The movie has a good technical side. Sujith Vasudev's camerawork is very good, except for the night scenes. Music by Ronnie Raphael is also good. The fresher's day song was very nice. And the item song, even though picturised horribly with some terrible lyrics, had a good rythm. The background score is apt for the theme of the movie. Art direction is okay. It was funny to see posters of Shah Rukh Khan in hostel rooms in 2010. 

Summing up, College Days is mildly engaging because of the genre it belongs to. It is slightly better than the other recent movie which called itself a Thriller. Indrajith gets a raw deal. Biju Menon gives a spot on performance along with some competent villains. The movie could have been a lot more with a little more interesting screenplay and some able direction. But in its present form, College Days is average at best. 

Rating - 2.5/5

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