Thursday, November 18

You would need a lot of luck to sit through 'Best of Luck'.

Movie – Best Of Luck (Malayalam)
Director – MA Nishad
Cast – Asif Ali, Kailash, Archana Kavi, Rima Kallingal, Urvashi, Prabhu, Suraaj Venjarammoodu, Bheeman Raghu, Jagathy Sreekumar, Baiju and Mammootty.
Music – Palash Sen (Euphoria)
Cinematography – Sanjeev Sankar
Art Direction – Salu K George
Dialogues – Vinu Kiriyath
Screenplay – MA Nishad
Release Date – 17th November 2010.

First things first, Best of Luck is a bad copy of 2009’s superhit Hindi film All The Best, with minor changes in the title and the screenplay. MA Nishad who has made only serious movies till now, takes the easy route of copying a successful Hindi film, just like Happy Husbands did with No Entry. All The Best in itself was inspired from Kamal Haasan’s Kaadhala Kaadhala, which was inspired from an international play. I doubt if any of these people know of this copy called Best of Luck. Starring relative newcomers like Asif, Kailash, Archana and Rima in lead roles, this comedy is not funny for most parts.

Surya (Kailash) is the step brother of a rich businessman from Tamil Nadu Venkiah (Prabhu) and he lives in a huge house with the 3000 Rs pocket money that his brother sends him every month. His prankster friend Manu (Asif) wants to make a movie with megastar Mammootty. A chance encounter with Mammootty helps him get a go-ahead from the superstar, and he starts making plans for making the movie, by mortgaging the papers of Surya’s house to a moneylender called Bhasi (Bheeman Raghu). He also lies to his brother that his wedding is over and he needs money from him. Confusions arise when Venkiah lands in Surya’s house and mistakes Manu’s girlfriend Diya (Rima) to be Surya’s so-called wife Neethu (Archana Kavi). They also hire a cook Thamara (Urvashi) who further adds to the confusions and mayhem.

The Hindi film’s script was perfect for a mad, brainless comedy, which would be entertaining nevertheless. But it is instead converted into a sad, unfunny comedy in Malayalam. Most of the jokes which worked well in Hindi fail miserably in the Malayalam version. The acting is horribly bad, even from veteran actors like Prabhu and Urvashi and that does some more damage. It is sad to see all the actors/characters trying so hard to make us laugh with absolutely no results. Having said that, there are some scenes and situations that are funny, thanks to the Hindi script.

Kailash is very bad – both at comedy and emotions. He needs to go a long way before even attempting such roles. His performance makes Fardeen Khan (who played the same role in Hindi) look like Marlon Brando [:P].  Asif Ali is decent and has good comic timing. He tends to go overboard in a few scenes, but manages to give one of the few good performances in the movie. He suits the part, but is definitely leagues behind Ajay Devgn’s performance in All The Best. Anyways, he is the life of the movie, for almost the entire running length.  Archana Kavi continues her horrible acting from Mummy n Me and her close-ups makes matters even worse. Her dancing is also as horrible as her acting. Its surprising that the same girl was so good in her role in her debut film Neelathamara. (Maybe because she didn’t have to do much in that movie). Rima is okay, compared to Archana, but she also needs to go a long way to be called a good actress. Prabhu is decent in parts and goes the ‘Yenna Kodumai Saravanan’ way during the emotional scenes. Urvashi is completely over-the-top wearing some embarrassing costumes and looks horrible. Her Trivandrum accent gets on your nerves after a point. She manages to deliver a few laughs here and there, but she’s really bad otherwise. Jagathy Sreekumar again proves why he’s the best at what he does, even with a poorly written character. Suraaj Venjarammoodu continues getting on our nerves with his cheap humour (thankfully there was very little vulgarity this time). Bheeman Raghu is genuinely funny and deserves an applause. Baiju also does a good job. Mammootty’s much-hyped guest appearance is just so-so. He does a rope-fight with a weird beard (haha, that rhymed), appears in some shots where he rides a bike, a car and a boat and also shows us shades of his real-life personality in the rest of the scenes. But his incredible screen presence and personality makes us wanting more scenes from him, instead of the mundane and unfunny scenes in the movie.  

Music by Palash Sen from the famous Euphoria band is very bad and something totally unexpected from someone who’s known to create really awesome songs. (Remember the great Maaeri, Dhoom Pichack Dhoom, et al?) None of the songs are worth remembering. Sanjeev Sankar manages to make things look colourful with his vibrant cinematography. Art Direction is over the top. The costumes were good, for a change, except for the ones worn by Urvashi – she looked horrendous in those costumes.

If made well, with a better cast, All The Best, sorry Best of Luck would have been at least something in the range of Happy Husbands in Malayalam. But instead, it turns out to be an embarrassingly unfunny comedy, which makes us feel sorry for the new bunch of actors in the movie. The only good things in this movie are Asif Ali, Bheeman Raghu, Jagathy Sreekumar and the few glimpses of Mammootty. This movie would hardly have any luck at the box office. When you've decided to lift/copy a movie, at least do a good job at that!! 'Best of Luck' to the folks who want to go watch this movie.