Wednesday, June 8

First Look - Chappa Kurishu

Movie - Chappa Kurishu (Malayalam)
Director - Sameer Thahir
Producer - Listin Stephen
Cast - Vineeth Sreenivasan, Fahadh Faasil
Writer - Unni R
Cinematography - Jomon T John
Music - Rex Vijayan

Cinematographer Sameer Thahir, responsible for the slick and stylish visuals in flicks like Big B and Daddy Cool, is turning director with Chappa Kurishu ( a slang word used for head or tail in Kochi). Chappa Kurishu tells the story of two extreme personalities who are like the two diametrically opposite sides of the same coin, which get intertwined through a crucial event in their lives. Fahadh Faasil and Vineeth Sreenivasan play the main leads of the film which is being written by Unni R who wrote dialogues for Big B and the script for Anwar Rasheed's cricitally acclaimed short film Bridge in the Kerala Cafe anthology. The film will feature a host of young talent including cinematography by debutante Jomon T John and music by Rex Vijayan, famous for his stints with the popular rock band Avial. The movie is produced by Listin Stephen who earlier produced the pathbreaking movie Traffic. The film also stars Roma & Ramya Nambeeshan and is expected to release in July. 


  1. unnI R also wrote the dialogues of 'Anwar' ,i guess...

  2. Awaiting for this one.. Hope this one turn to good one for Shanu...

  3. This is going to be huge..i really hope it works out!


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