Wednesday, March 9

Micro Review - Singam Puli

Movie - Singam Puli (Tamil)
Director - Sai Ramani
Producers - S Parthi, SS Vaasan
Cast - Jiiva, Divya Spandana, Honey Rose, Santhanam, Ponvannan, Kuyili
Music - Mani Sharma
Cinematography - Balasubramaniem
Writer - Sai Ramani
Release Date - 4th March 2011

Singam Puli's trailer looked like it will be some mindless masala fun. So I went for the movie on Sunday afternoon when I was quite bored and jobless and instead of being entertained by the masala, I was subjected to pure torture inside the movie hall with a primitive storyline, vulgar scenes and dialogues, bad acting, unfunny comedy, cliches, cliches and more cliches. I am a fan of actor Jiiva and its sad to see him in such horrible movies. He has the ability to make even a silly movie like Kacheri Aarambham watchable because of his charm. But that just doesnt prove enough to save this lousy, offensive movie. Singam Puli shows women in very poor light and they're used merely as sex objects. Ladies, please dont go watch this movie. And guys, please dont take ladies along to watch it. 

Shiva & Ashok are brothers. Shiva is a thug with a golden heart and reacts to each and every evil in society. Ashok is the good boy at home, but he's actually a womanizer who will go to any lengths to save his skin. What happens when one of the girls whom Ashok sleeps with is found dead is basically the story of Singam Puli. The hero is Shiva and you dont get to see him at all. He comes only for fight scenes and songs along with his heroine Divya Spandana (looking quite hot in spite of all that weight). Entire movie focuses on the villain Ashok and he is just a slimy bastard. The film never rises above the cliches and in spite of having so much potential for interesting situations in the second half, the writer-director takes the most predictable routes so that the hero and villain have a fight in an abandoned building in the climax. The graphics when both Jiiva's appear together are pathetic. Tamil Cinema has grown to be the most technically advanced industry in the entire country and still such films have poor graphics to do the very basic gimmicks of double action. Mani Sharma's music is terrible. Santhanam's various get ups are funny, but his vulgar comedy isnt. Its hard to believe that its the same Jiiva and Santhanam combination which worked wonders in Siva Manasula Sakthi. Malayali actress Honey Rose looks desperate with her skin show. And when would Tamil directors stop showing Malayali women in such poor light? (Except Gautham in VTV). Jiiva is successful in bringing out two distinct personalities through his double role, but its extremely sad to see the talented actor delivering such vulgar lines in a cheap film like this. The movie is quite lengthy and goes on and on. All in all, a terrible experience. 

Rating - 1/5

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