Wednesday, March 9

Micro Review - Thoonga Nagaram

Movie - Thoonganagaram (Tamil)
Director - Gaurav
Producers - Dhayanidhi Alagiri, Vivek Rathnavel
Cast - Vimal, Bharani, Nishanth, Gaurav, Anjali
Cinematography - Vijay Ulaganath
Music - Sundar C Babu
Editing - TS Suresh
Writer - Gaurav
Release Date - 4th February 2011

Thoonga Nagaram, or the city that never sleeps, is yet another Madurai based film, the core theme of which is friendship, yet again. Tapping into that always awake aspect of the city, Thoonga Nagaram tells the story of four friends who find themselves in a fix because of one person's actions on a drunk night. 

Writer-Director-Actor Gaurav follows director Sasikumar's route of handling all the three departments with ease and he has shown lot of promise in his storytelling as well as conceptualization of shots. The movie starts with a narration by Vadivelu (peculiar choice of narrator, works very well, he appears in a song too). The first half takes some time to establish the lives of the four friends and the story changes gears when Kannan (Vimal) beats to pulp, the son of a political bigwig, because he was engaged in blackmailing young women with obscene MMS clips of theirs. The second half of the story is much more engaging and thrilling with different emotions like betrayal, confusion, fear challenge the friendship between the four. The interesting premise has been handled effectively by Gaurav. Vimal is excellent, following up his great work from Pasanga and Kalavani. Nishanth as the mute fatso is great, so is Bharani. Gaurav chose the least likable character among the four, and has done a great job with it. Anjali, as Theru Thrisha is very good. The interactions between the two 'paatti's provide great comic relief. Even the guy who played Vimal's assistant was quite good. 

Vijay Ulaganath's camerawork is brilliant. He seems to be a little too inspired by the shot taking of Dev D, but he has used those inspirations effectively to carry the story forward. Sundar C Babu's music is no great shakes, but not bad either. The film has a consistently realistic narrative, laced with a lot of humour in the first half and suspense in the second half. All in all, Thoonga Nagaram is indeed a great watch. Highly recommended!! 

Rating - 3.5/5

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  1. not bad. watchable...lot of loop holes (ntn concerning the story line though). wld rate it 2.75/5