Thursday, April 14

'Doubles' is terrible.

Movie - Doubles (Malayalam)
Director - Sohan Seenulal
Producer - KK Narayan Das
Writers - Sachi & Sethu
Cast - Mammootty, Nadia Moythu, Tapsee Pannu, Salimkumar, YG Mahendran, Saiju Kurup, Bijukkuttan, Suraaj Venjarammoodu, Anoop Chandran, Suresh. 
Director of Photography - P Sukumar ISC
Music - James Vasanthan
Editing - V Saajan
Art Direction - Gokuldas
Release Date - 14th April 2011

Doubles, the debut directorial venture by Sohan Seenulal is a terrible film that really annoys the people who paid money to watch it. Following every cliche and formula of a regular commercial Malayalam movie of this decade, it doesnt even offer a tinge of freshness or originality. And cannot even qualify as a mass (or crass) entertainer. 

Like many of our buddy or father-son movies, here we have a twin brother and sister who are best friends. The first half establishes their love and friendship. A problem crops up by the time of the interval due to some misunderstanding, and then everything gets resolved after the hero fights the villain and his goons in the climax. Broadly, this is what Doubles or any such movie is all about. The writers have constructed a silly plot around this base structure and that plot does not generate any kind of interest in the audience. Then of course, they've filled it up with poor jokes, random stunts and of course, an item song. 

Mammootty who looked smashing in his previous release August 15, looks bad and has a terrible hair style in the movie. He does not have anything to do and two or three scenes of his in the first half are the only ones which actually make you at least smile a bit. His character is so poorly written and is somebody who is blissfully unaware of everything thats happening around him, that Salimkumar's police inspector character seems more like a hero in the film. His acting does not have anything special in it this time around and  he was quite boring to be frank. Its nice to see Nadia Moythu back on screen after a long time. But she's also given a poorly written character and there is nothing that she has done with it as well. Tapsee looks cute and has the same expression throughout the film with two or three dialogues in between. And if they meant an indication that Mammootty & Tapsee are a couple by the end of the film, then thats the most atrocious casting of a couple one can think of. Salimkumar was good. The usual gang of Suraaj Venjarammoodu, Bijukkuttan & Anoop Chandran test your patience levels to the maximum. Saiju Kurup is decent. If anyone among the audience cannot guess who the actual villain is, within five minutes of his introduction, then he should be an idiot. The samy from Chandramukhi tries to create villainy, but with no effect. Same goes for the Suresh guy with a bad wig. And then there's a funny villain called Danny with a wooden expression throughout. YG Mahendran does not have anything significant to play even though he's spotted in a movie after a really long time. Then there's a horribly fat Kiran doing an ugly item song. 

The director has just translated the pathetically written script on to the screen, without bringing in any significant contribution of his own. The movie bores you, irritates you and bugs you big time. There is not a single scene or moment which one can actually like in the movie. The trustworthy P Sukumar has let us down with his dull cinematography. James Vasanthan's music makes us cringe and think if it was the same guy who composed 'Kangal Irandaal'. The stunt sequences are the usual Mammootty styled ones where there is little scope for innovation. Editing by Saajan is jerky and irritating. 

On the whole, Doubles is a really terrible movie which fails to score in any department. Despite having two talented actors/stars like Mammootty & Nadia Moythu in the lead, the makers have completely failed to utilize even 10% of their talent by giving them such poor characters to play in a pathetic script. 

P.S. - After watching Doubles, even the extremely mediocre and disappointing China Town seems like a classic. 

Bottomline - AVOID!!

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