Tuesday, May 10

First Look - Salt N Pepper

Movie - Salt N' Pepper (Malayalam)
Director - Aashiq Abu
Producers - Lucsam Creations
Writers - Shyam Pushkaran, Dileesh Nair
Cast - Lal, Asif Ali, Baburaj, Mythili, Shwetha Menon, Kalpana, Vijayaraghavan, Ahmed Sidhique
Music - Bijibal, Avial
Cinematography - Shyju Khalid
Editor - V Saajan
Art Director - Suresh Kollam

Aashiq Abu made an impressive debut as a director through Daddy Cool in 2009, which was one of the most slick & stylishly made movies (even though it had its share of flaws) in Malayalam Cinema. Salt n Pepper is his second feature film with an impressive star cast and a fresh setting of that of a thattukada, with a caption - 'Oru dosha ondakkiya katha' (A story of how a Dosa was made) which creates immediate interest in the audience. The fresh stills and posters released through social networking sites had already created a buzz among the young crowd about the movie. And the newly released trailer promises oodles of freshness, fun and entertainment. Baburaj is the one who shines the most in the trailer. Aashiq was the first one to give him something different to perform in Daddy Cool, other than getting beaten up by every hero. He has done the same, in a much more prominent role this time around. Music is by the talented Bijibal and there's also a promotional song 'Aanakkallan' by the rock band Avial. Cinematography is by the guy who did some great work earlier this year in Traffic, Shyju Khalid. Looking forward to the release of the movie. Till then, here's the fun trailer of the movie. 


  1. daddy cool had good posters and some beautifully picturised songs..some shots were also good but as a movie ,it was a major disappoinment(though a couple of my friends had acted in the movie!)

  2. nice posters, will get a feel of the film.