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Vaaranam Aayiram - Gautham Menon's personal masterpiece..

Movie - Vaaranam Aayiram (Tamil)
Director- Gautham Vasudev Menon
Producer- V.Ravi Chandran, Dayanidhi Alagiri, Gautham Menon
Cast- Surya, Simran, Sameera Reddy, Divya Spandana.
Music- Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography- R Rathnavelu
Story, Screenplay -Gautham Vasudev Menon
Release Date - 14th November 2008

This film is designed as a tribute by Gautham Vasudev Menon to his father. Note the new addition of Vasudev in his name. :) And he has done a marvellous job with it. Completely a writer-director's movie this is, and he can be proud of it.

But the movie belongs to Surya all the way. Playing both the father and son beautifully, he has outdone himself and maybe all other actors who made films this year. He has played a dream role for any actor and that too with such elegance and class, that it is unimaginable to imagine someone else in that role.

The film starts with Krishnan, the old man played by Surya, falling ill due to cancer and dying of it. Surya, Krishnan's son who is a major, gets to know the news while he's on his way to a rescue operation. He remembers the fine moments in his life which was possible only because of his father while going towards the spot. The film then gives us peeks at Surya's life, starting with the love story of his dad and mom and his birth and then, the various stages of his life. His first fight, college, first love, father's heart attack, financial problems in the houses, pursuin his love again, death of his lover, depression, drugs, rediscovering life, adventures, passion towards army, love refound, maariage and ultimately the last days of his father's life. All this is blended together in a wonderful movie. Simran plays her part perfectly. Sameera Reddy was refreshing. Divya Spandana was the best among the heroines. She has some great scenes and a lovely song.

Talking about the songs, takes me to Harris Jayaraj. He has given his career best in this movie. The music and background score work like magic and provide a great deal of help in telling the story. Nenjukkul Peidhidum is the pick of the lot. A beautiful love ballad by Hariharan which is bound to stay in everyone's hearts. It keeps resonating as background score also and leaves a haunting feel. Anul Melae is a soulful number which is picturised well. Mundhinam is the most well picturised one. Showing the Madras of 70s and telling the love story of Krishnan and Malini, Surya's parents. Adiyae Kolluthae was cut off from the movie by the B@#$%$D theatre wallahs here. Missed it a lot. Other songs were also great. Sad to know that Gautham and Harris parted ways after this film.

Camerawork by Rathnavelu was super effective. Especially the point of view shots when Surya's dad and mom hug him. And the fight scenes. Brilliant fight choreography, right from the first fight durin surya's adoloscent days to the delhi kidnap sequence to the army operations. Everything was superb. Rajeevan's art work was fabulous. Editing by Anthony also supported the movie well through montage sequences.

Talking of Surya again, he has gone thru a lot of pain in playing these roles. He looks smashing all through the film. He looks younger than most of us in the school portion. And then keeps changing his looks at every stage, finally arriving at his fab six pac body which is like WOW!! And his portrayal of emotions, is just amazing. He is indeed an actor which we can be proud of. He can be a good successor to Kamal and Kamal has already said that Surya is an actor he respects. He surely deserves a national award for this role.

Gautham has at times become over indulgent and has made the film quite lengthy. But that is not a problem to people who appreciate good cinema. He has given importance to every minute emotion with full detail. And has delivered his career best film. Hats Off, Gautham!!!

Rating - 4.5/5

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  1. The movie was Lovely. His father can be proud that son made it :)

    About the songs - you missed to mention 'Anjalaa'. That will be the song you take with you after the movie. The pain was well written, composed, sing, acted and picturised.

    BTW, Gautham parted with Harris Jayraj to be with Rahman. Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya, I am sure should not make you complain ;)