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Top 10 Songs of 2009 - Tamil

Tamil Cinema didnt have many reasons to celebrate this year. It didnt have as many good movies this year compared to the earlier years. And the soundtracks too were poorer than usual. And one of the biggest disappointments was that AR Rahman did not have a single release in Tamil after his glorious Oscar victory. So, choosing the best 10 from the few good songs that came out this year was not a very tough task. And here's the list.

10. Om Sivoham - Naan Kadavul

Music - Ilaiyaraaja
Lyrics - Vaali
Singer - Vijay Prakash
Picturised On - Arya

This was the opening song of Bala's long pending Naan Kadavul. This awe-inspiring song by Ilaiyaraaja showed glimpses of the lives of a particular clan of saints in Varanasi called the Aghoris. The entire song was picturised on Rudran, the character played by Arya in the movie, and his antics.  Shot brilliantly by cinematographer Arthur V Wilson, this song showcased the locales of Varanasi which are very rarely shot in our movies. The song was one of the best things about the movie and became very popular, perhaps even more than the whole movie itself. This song is a proof that, when he is challenged, Ilaiyaraaja can still deliver amazing stuff.

9. New Age Aathichudi - TN 07 AL 4777

Music - Vijay Antony
Singers - Vijay Antony, Dinesh Kanagarathnam
Picturised On - Shobi, Pasupathy

Well, this one was supposed to be the 'Nakka Mukka' of this year. But it didnt quite make it. But still, the song was hugely popular for its kick-ass tune and  gibberish in the name of lyrics popularized by Vijay Antony. In a certain portion of the song, Vijay Antony pokes fun at himself and his style of using words which nobody can understand as part of his songs. The dancer Shobi and his groovy steps was even more awesome. The editor contributed tremendously to make this song look slick and stylish. Pasupathy joins by the end of the song to dance to the usual 'kuthu' beat.

8. Hasili Fisiliye - Aadhavan

Music - Harris Jayaraj
Lyrics - Pa. Vijay, Dr. Burn, Maya
Singers - Karthik, Harini, Dr.Burn, Maya
Picturised On - Surya, Nayanthara

This song became an instant chartbuster, thanks to some interesting music from Harris Jayaraj. Even though the song reminds you of many of his earlier compositions, it is still quite nice to hear. The main reason for that being the voice of singer Karthik. He just takes any ordinary song to greater levels with his singing. The rap bit was also done very well by Dr Burn and Maya. The song was shot in foreign locations including Iceland (first time a movie is being shot there). Surya looked dapper and Nayanthara looked cool (instead of looking hot). Though parts of the video were inspired by the song 'Behka' from Ghajini, it made for interesting visuals in this one too.

7. Karigalan - Vettaikkaran

Music - Vijay Antony
Lyrics - Kabilan
Singers - Surchith, Sangeetha Rajeshwaran
Picturised On - Vijay, Anushka

This movie is releasing this friday, but this song, along with almost all the other songs, is already a chartbuster. A romantic folk dance number is a must in every Vijay movie and this song is there just to serve that purpose. With a nice folk tune as its base, this song also has loads of English lyrics like any other Tamil song now. Some of the visuals from the song which are out now, look very good and colourful. Vijay and Anushka look very good together and lets hope that they make an interesting pair. Vijay Antony gets yet another hit in his career with this one and other tracks from the movie such as 'Naan adicha thaanga matte' and 'Chinna Thamarai'. Sangeetha Rajeshwaran's voice is very impressive and Surchith is very good as well.

6. Daddy Mummy Veettil Illai - Villu

Music - Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics - Kabilan
Singers - Mamtha Mohandas, Naveen
Picturised On - Vijay, Mumaith Khan, Zabyn Khan

Now this one has to be the 'item song' of the year. The tune of a song called 'Akalasthe' from a Telugu movie by Devi Sri Prasad was reused by himself to create this chartbuster Tamil number. Popular actress Mamtha Mohandas who is also a great singer lent her powerful vocals to this song along with Naveen. The song featured the 'item' sisters Mumaith and Zabyn Khan along with Vijay dancing at some foreign dance bar. The tune and the beat pattern were irresistible and almost anyone would feel like dancing once they hear this song. The lyrics were atrociously vulgar, but that became the most popular aspect of the song. It is still being played repeatedly in many TV and radio channels and almost all other stage shows, events and parties. The film was a dud but this song is still hugely popular.

5. Nanbanai Partha Neram Mattum - Ninaithale Inikkum

Music - Vijay Antony
Lyrics - Annamalai
Singer - Benny Dayal
Picturised On - Prithviraj, Shakti, Priyamani and others

Yet another Vijay Antony song in this list. Looks like the young composer is the hottest flavour of the season. This song about college and campus life with a rock theme was a superb track. Benny Dayal's voice is as usual, great. And the picturisation was just about fine. But still the song had the power to stay in one's hearts despite the weaknesses because of the tune, lyrics and singing. The lyrics make you feel like going back to your college, for one last time.  This song was the only good thing in the otherwise forgettable film. And I still dont know what Priyamani was doing in the video of this all-male song. (Especially when she's supposed to be fighting with the characters that appear in this song. :P)

4. Lesa Parakkuthu - Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu

Music - V Selvaganesh
Lyrics - Na. Muthukumar
Singers - Karthik, Chinmayi
Picturised On - Vishnu, Saranya Mohan

This is certainly one of the best romantic songs to have come out in Tamil in recent times. The lead pair meet during a village fair and slowly develop a liking towards each other. And then they fall in love, even without knowing their identities. All this was brought out very well in the song's picturisation, which reminded one of last year's biggest hit 'Kangal Irandaal', where the hero and heroine communicated only through their eyes. One good thing about this song was that it was not lip-synced. The movie was a daring attempt by a group of youngsters and was appreciated both critically and commercially. The movie also gave us a new music director V Selvaganesh. Karthik and Chinmayi do their parts with perfection. Chinmayi's voice haunts you much after you finish listening to the song.

3. Mazhaiye Mazhaiye - Eeram

Music - Thaman
Lyrics - Viveka
Singer - Ranjith
Picturised On - Aathi, Sindhu Menon

Thaman was the fat drummer from Shankar's film Boys. So in this production of his, Shankar re-introduces Thaman, this time as a music composer. And the young guy gave us a great song in his debut album itself. A song which captures the essence of rain, Mazhaiye Mazhaiye was also shot very well with stunning visuals involving raindrops. Aathi and Sindhu Menon looked very good together and showed some nice chemistry in the song. This song was also not lip-synced and that added to the beauty of the whole package. Viveka's lyrics were primarily about rain and romance and were very good in totality.

2. Oru Vetkam Varuthe - Pasanga

Music - James Vasanthan
Lyrics - Thamarai
Singers - Shreya Ghoshal, Naresh Iyer
Picturised On - Vimal, Vega and Children

James Vasanthan and Thamarai were two people who created the two biggest hits of last year, Kangal Irandaal (Music by James) and Nenjukkul Peidhidum(Lyrics by Thamarai). This year they got together to give yet another beautiful romantic song which will be remembered for a long long time. This song also had a rainy feel to it and was picturised on Vimal and Vega beginning with their romance. The song also showed the budding romance between the children who are the main protagonists of the movie. A wonderfully cute music video along with some great singing by Naresh and Shreya, this song became immensely popular once the movie came out. And it is totally deserving to be in the second position.

1. Vizhi Moodi Yosithaal - Ayan
suriya & tamanna in Ayan released on April 3

Music - Harris Jayaraj
Lyrics - Na. Muthukumar
Singer - Karthik
Picturised On - Surya, Tamannah

I did not have any second thoughts while deciding which song would be the No.1 Tamil song of the year. It had to be this one in all means. It was, and is still a hugely popular soft romantic number. The warm picturisation and great chemistry between the lead pair Surya and Tamannah helped both the movie and this song a lot. Harris and Surya are a winning combination. And after Vaaranam Aayiram last year, they continued their winning streak with Ayan and Aadhavan this year. Karthik's singing is perhaps the best aspect of this wonderful melody. Again, a favourite for the TV and radio channels and also for people to keep as their caller tunes.  Like always, Harris's music was accused the charge of sounding repetitive. But that didnt stop this song from being a huge hit with people, especially among the young crowd. And since the director KV Anand is basically a cinematographer, there was no scarcity of great visuals. And a lot of comic situations were also there in the song, which also added more value to it.

The other good/popular songs that missed being a part of this list would be  -Sambo Siva Sambo, Aadungada (Nadodikal); Excuse Me Mr.Kandasamy, Bambarakkannale (Kandasamy); Vaada Mappillai, Jalsa, Dheem Thanakka Thillana (Villu); Naan Adicha  Thaanga Maatte, Puli Urummudhu, Chinna  Thamarai, Uchimandai (Vettaikkaran); Vaanam Yellai, Unnaipol Oruvan(Unnaipol Oruvan); Adada Vaa, Kaatrukkulle (Sarvvam); Vaarayo Vaarayo, Eno Eno Panithuli, Damakku Damakku (Aadhavan); Piya (Ninaithaale Inikkum); Oh Divya Oh Divya (Masilamani); Suthuthu Suthuthu, Kanden Kadhalai, Naan Mozhi Arinthen, Katru Puthithai (Kanden Kadhalai); Etho Seigirai, Oru Devathai (Vamanan); Raanki Rangamma (Padikkathavan) andManasellam (Kulir 100 Degree).
Another song could have easily been in the No.1 position - Maalai Neramfrom Aayirathil Oruvan. The audio was released in September but since the movie is not releasing this year, I could not include it in this year's list. But that song is indeed a wonderful serenading melody.

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