Tuesday, October 5

My thoughts after watching Anjaana Anjaani

  • When would big budget Bollywood flicks have enough of these NRI love stories?
  • How many times would the same love stories be narrated again and again?
  • Priyanka Chopra is hot and she can act too. (She got a National Award not so long ago). But its not so easy to pull of a Geet (Jab We Met) like Kareena did so effortlessly, even for her. 
  • Ranbir, after giving fantastic performances in films like Wake Up Sid, Ajab Prem Ki.., Rocket Singh and Raajneeti, shouldnt have done this film. Bachna Ae Haseeno looks like a classic in front of this. 
  • Why did Ravi K Chandran agree to do this film? 
  • The whole movie is about suicide. By the time it ends, the one who's watching it would actually contemplate on committing suicide. 
  • And yes, there is the club song where the hero and heroine get drunk and dance in a pub in America singing a Hindi song and the natives dance along with them.
  • Each and every person they meet in New York (or whichever foreign land the movie is set in) is an Indian and can speak flawless Hindi. 
  • Siddharth Raj Anand would at least be remembered as the guy who made the funny Salaam Namaste if he stops directing now. 
  • Bollywood makes films as if there are no Indians living in India. If they havent noticed, all the big hits of recent times have been as Indian as ever - Dabangg, Peepli Live, Once Upon A Time in Mumbai, Raajneeti, 3 Idiots, Ghajini, Wanted and what not. Why do they still make stuff like We Are Family and Anjaana Anjaani
  • Havent they had enough of gay jokes? Ranbir stripping and doing a pole dance to Mithunda's iconic Disco Dancer song is NOT funny!! Period. 
  • Priyanka laughs at Ranbir when he says he's a virgin. She's shown to be a party animal who doesnt mind sleeping with men. But when after they fall in love, she has to become the sati-savitri types - so she says she's also a virgin and she was lying about those men. 
  • Why would anyone want Zayed Khan to make a 'special' appearance in their movie? To prove that he's still alive?
  • As somebody said on Twitter, Priyanka slept with a black man in Fashion. She supposedly sleeps with a white man in Anjaana Anjaani (which she later denies, even though she wouldnt remember a thing from that night). What next?? 
  • And why the hell would they decide to release this movie along with Endhiran/Robot? Since the entire movie is about suicides, I think they also must have decided to do suicidal things. 
  • Other than the club song, there is the falling in love song, the roaming around the cities song, the love song, the separation song, the realization song and the reunion song. Phew!! 
  • Why did Ranbir have to deny us the pleasure of seeing Priyanka Chopra in a bikini, by forgetting to bring one when they go for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean? There was one good thing to look forward to and that also they dont give us. 
  • Even though there are some 7-8 songs, Vishal Shekhar managed to give a good soundtrack. Their lyrics are all the same from their previous songs. But songs like 'Hairat' and 'Aas Paas Khuda' are very good. 
  • Mr. Director, please watch films like Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya to learn how to narrate love stories with a difference. 
  • Mr. Producer, last year you tortured us with Kambakth Ishq. This year also you didnt spare us with Housefull and now this. What plans next? 
  • Mr. Ranbir Kapoor, please act in the kind of films you were doing so far (from WUS to Raajneeti) and not crap like these. You are truly superstar-cum-actor material. Dont spoil yourself by acting in such movies. 
  • Ms. Priyanka Chopra. If you wanna do entertaining cinema, please do stuff like Bluffmaster or Don or even Dostana (couldnt take my eyes off you in that movie). If you want to demonstrate your acting skills, do stuff like Kaminey. Thank God that your next release is Saat Khoon Maaf. Sirf wohi reason ke liye is picture hum maaf kar sakte hain. 
  • Mr. Vivek Ranjit, why do you have to watch such movies, even though everyone you know warns you against it. You will never learn!! 


  1. vinnaithandivaruvaya.?It was goutham Vasudevan Menon's worst movie.It wasnt a movie ppl expected from him after Vaaranam Aayiram.The story lacked wat it was expected to deliver.emotions.You are a good film critic and i cant believe you choosing this film as an example for a good romantic movie.The 'interval punch '(?)by trisha was unbearable. The climax scenes were utter bullshit.I still cant understand what the movie was all about.The climax of telugu version was a lot better(not the actors).Positive factors are laudable cinematograhy by Manoj Paramahamsa and music by Rahman..

  2. and about NRI thing..what about my name is khan?wasnt it a hit?

  3. @above

    well.. that maybe your viewpoint of the movie. i absolutely loved VTV and could relate to it a lot. it had all its emotions in place. and it could portray one of the toughest things to portray on film - the confused state of a girl's mind. the climax was what made it brilliant. that is what would happen in real life. if u liked the far-fetched ending of the telugu version better, then i cant help it. that was done coz the telugu audience wouldnt accept a not-so-happy ending. solely financial reasons alone. if u cudnt understand what the movie was all about, i suggest that you see it again.

    and My Name is Khan was definitely a hit. But it was about an issue, not some random story of random people living outside India.

  4. and just because u think a movie is bad, i neednt think so too. u cant force ur opinion on me. even in this blog, i express my opinion about the movies i see. i dont force anyone to go see it or not see it. its totally their choice.

  5. cud u plz change this color/design of this web page!!

  6. script VTV:

    1 boy 1 girl(note:not random ppl.one tamil boy .one malayali girl .issue:love)

    boy meets girl(oh.really.?unimaginable)

    boy falls in love(gosh.nevr before in indian cinema)

    girl refuses.sad sad.(no one except gautam can think in that way,im ready to bet a 1000 bucks.what say)

    boy is not ready to let her go.he follows her(kudos.goutam,you are the man.completely new to tamil cinema.)

    girl confused(This is the soul of the movie)

    yeeeeeeeeey.girl accepts(wat abt another 10000 bucks?))

    some problem in girls house,calls boy(tring tring tring ting..)

    boy buzy with work, not picking phone(asshole.ive never seen such bad ppl even in my worst nightmare.tring .....tring....no answer)

    girl confused(soul)
    girl confused(soul)
    girl confused(soul)

    break up(wow that was one helluva twist)
    2 yrs later(or 3?please help.dont remember exactly
    oops.never mind.i,ll be watching it once more)...

    boy meets girl again at the end of a song.(in an original,difficult to portray situation)

    she is not anymore an ordinary girl with whom he played all those hide n seek games.she is married(wow.but movie over.?clap clap.good lovestory.good drama with not that pleasing but very artistic ending.woww)

    remarks by gautham:Telungans accepts only happy happy endings .so lets do this reunion of lovers.but tamilans only fancy artistic values.so lets make it complicated and artistic by seperating them.and above all as far as tamil is concerned,i am a super director and i can make any bullshit pumping in Money.

    oru sadaranakarante opinion: Aniyathipravu niram and other painkili films were lot better compared to this bullshit

  7. what is your problem man?? only you can give such a shitty interpretation of that story. and if u didnt know, almost all love stories have the same boy meets girl story. its the treatment that makes it different. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya worked wonderfully and was a superhit as well.

    And i already said, dont force ur opinion/interpretation on me. If u like Aniyathipravu or Niram better, u can watch that. You've got no right to tell me which movie I should like and which I shouldnt.

  8. How many times would the same love stories be narrated again and again?

  9. Its not the number of times it is narrated that matters. It is how they are narrated that matters.

  10. Your comment on Zayed Khan was just awesome...

    regarding VTV...one of the best romantic movies I have watched of late...:)

  11. everybody goes behind the story only...there is one more thing which is important fot a movie...that is screenplay....there are lots of films with same story...but only the one with good screenplay can win hearts..Jab We Met,Socha Na Tha and even Dil Chahtha Hai were just simple stories...but their screenplays were just perfect and they became successful...

    VTV was also such kinda film..Screenplay and treatment makes it stand out as an excellent love story...may its not GVM's best...still it has got lots to say....

    and about Anjaana Anjaani,thanx a lot to Endhiran and because of that it wasnt released here...i saw it in ma PC and i couldnt resist myself from closing it down after watchingit for just 25 mins....

  12. who s tis cairounniii...VTV super movie....and about u vivek...nice job...very precise reviews abt all movies...in many sites, they are writing it according to their personal relation with actors...bt reviews by u, is highly recommandable .....hats off....