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Top 10 Songs of 2010 - Malayalam

I just realized I had forgotten to make this list as part of my year end specials. So here are 10 of my most favourite songs from the year 2010 in Malayalam. Sorry for the delay. :)  The 10th position is shared between two songs and so is the 5th position. So in effect, there are 12 songs. 

10. Manikkinavin (Pokkiri Raja)
Music - Jassie Gift
Singers - KJ Yesudas & Sujatha
Lyrics - Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri
Featuring - Prithviraj, Shriya Saran, Mammootty
Director - Vyshakh

A beautiful duet by our gaanagandharvan KJ Yesudas and our very own Sujatha Chechi, this lovely song unfortunately was not a part of the feature film it was composed for, Pokkiri Raja. The rest of the songs in the movie were mundane, mass numbers which were quite difficult to like. But this lovely song became a major hit, especially because of the voice of Yesudas and Sujatha. Jassie Gift was the composer and Kaithapram wrote the lyrics. The song was used for promotional purposes using footage featuring Prithviraj and Shriya. 

10. Poonchillayil (Chekavar)
Music - Rahul Raj
Singers - Vijay Yesudas & KS Chitra
Lyrics - Anil Panachooran
Featuring - Indrajith, Samvritha Sunil, Sarayu
Director - Sajeevan

If the earlier song was in the legendary father's voice, this song has his talented son doing an amazing job behind the mic, along with the most loved singer of the state. Vijay Yesudas and KS Chitra sang this beautiful duet, composed by the very talented Rahul Raj to perfection. The video featured the family life of a police inspector played by Indrajith, along with Samvritha Sunil and Sarayu. Anil Panachooran's lyrics were also very soothing. All in all, a lovely song. 

9. Pinne Ennodonnum Parayaathe (Shikkar)
Music - M Jayachandran
Singers - KJ Yesudas
Lyrics - Gireesh Puttenchery
Featuring - Mohanlal, Ananya, Sneha
Director - M Padmakumar

Every year, M Jayachandran makes sure that he composes at least one great song which will have KJ Yesudas singing for him. Among his best works with the legend includes 'Innale Ente Nenjile' and 'Amma Mazhakkarinu', both for Mohanlal films. Even though this one isnt as great as the other two, it serves as a very good successor to those two songs. The late Gireesh Puttenchery's lyrics talk about a father's love for his daughter. The video had Mohanlal who had lost his wife Sneha, bringing up his little daughter who grows up to be Ananya. A nice video for a beautiful song. The song was not on lip-sync, just like the other two songs. The song which has a very good tune, works majorly because of Yesudas' voice and Mohanlal's acting on screen. 

8. Innoree Mazhayil (Malarvaadi Arts Club)
Music - Shaan Rahman
Singers - Rahul Nambiar & Vineeth Sreenivasan
Lyrics - Vineeth Sreenivasan
Featuring - Nivin Pauly, Aju Varghese, Bhagath Manuel, Harikrishnan, Shraavan, Nedumudi Venu
Director - Vineeth Sreenivasan

A soothing melody composed by the young and talented Shaan Rahman, this was the best song among the variety of songs Vineeth and Shaan created for Vineeth's directorial debut - Malarvaadi Arts Club. Vineeth himself penned the lyrics about friendship and also took to singing a major portion of the song along with popular singer Rahul Nambiar. Their vocals, along with the melodious flute interludes were refreshingly beautiful. The video had Shraavan remembering all the good times he had with his friends and how much they meant to him. A great song in all respects. :) 

7. Kizhakku Pookkum (Anwar)
Music - Gopi Sundar
Singers - Shreya Ghoshal, Shabari Brothers, Navin Iyer, Raqueeb Alam
Lyrics - Rafeeq Ahmed
Featuring - Mamta Mohandas, Nithya Menen, Prithviraj
Director - Amal Neerad

A qawwali number for the first time in Malayalam, this song became a huge hit, thanks to the great vocals of the lovely Shreya Ghoshal, the gorgeous Mamta Mohandas & Nithya Menen, the handsome Prithviraj and some neat making by its director Amal Neerad. Gopi Sundar's tune was no lesser either. It had its obvious AR Rahman inspirations (Kannalane, Sona Nahin), but he made use of them positively to create a unique qawwali number which will be remembered for a long time. Even Amal Neerad seems to have been heavily influenced by Mani Ratnam's visualization of Kannalane in Bombay as this song also has more or less the same visualization. Mamta and Nithya looked absolutely gorgeous and a super-handsome Prithviraj was the perfect foil. There were endless debates on the lyrics of the song, whether it was 'Khalbil Ethi' or 'Khalbile Thee'. Finally the lyricist had to come out with it that it was 'Khalbile Thee' indeed. (Or was it the other one?? I'm not completely sure). 

6. Thangameyyole
Music - Issac Thomas Kottukappilly
Singers - Rajalakshmi, Ramesh
Lyrics - Traditional (Chavittunaadakam)
Featuring  - Mammootty, Kamalinee Mukherjee, Suresh Krishna, Siddique
Director - Shaji N Karun

A completely different track from what we're used to hearing as part of film soundtracks, this song was an essential part of the 'chavittunaadakam' portions in Shaji N Karun's award winning Kutty Srank. It was just great to see Mammootty performing this song in the Chavittunaadakam format along with Bengali actress Kamalini Mukherjee. Singer Rajalakshmi missed  a National Award by a whisker for this beautiful song composed by Issac Thomas Kottukappilly. A completely different experience. 

5. Njaan Kanavil Kandoru Kanmaniyaal (Aagathan)
Music - Ouseppachan
Singers - Ranjith, Shwetha Mohan
Lyrics - Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri
Featuring - Dileep, Charmmee
Director - Kamal

Another beautiful melody, this time from composer Ouseppachan for his long time friend Kamal. The song appears in two versions - male and female, at different points in the film. Ranjith and Shwetha have given vocals to them respectively, and the young singers have done a brilliant job. Ouseppachan's tune is fresh, youthful and romantic. Kaithapram's lyrics are wonderful as well. Dileep has never looked so good in the recent past and Charmmee was a welcome break from all the usual Malayalam film heroines. She looked hot and gorgeous at the same time. And there were some great visuals by cinematographer Ajayan Vincent as well. 

5. Nila Nila (Tournament)
Music - Deepak Dev
Singers - Karthik, Megha
Lyrics - Vayalar Sarath Chandra Varma
Featuring - Manu, Rupa Manjari
Song Director - Amal Neerad
Director - Lal

The 5th position is also shared by this fantastic song by Deepak Dev for Lal's Tournament. The movie was a flop, but this song is still a huge hit and the major factor for that is Karthik's powerhouse singing. One of the best singers we have in the country today, Karthik's vocals for this song takes it to another level completely. Megha also supports him in the song. This song was directed by Amal Neerad for the film which was being directed by Lal. Newcomers Manu and Rupa Manjari featured in this slickly shot song at Amal's favourite location - the beach at Rameshwaram and yea, there's ample slow motion in this song also. :P

4. Lolalolamayi (Nayakan)
Music - Prashant Pillai
Singer - Preethi Pillai
Lyrics - Sachidanandan Puzhankara
Featuring - Indrajith, Kalasala Babu, Jagathy Sreekumar
Director - Lijo Jose Pellissery 

A wonderful track written by Sachidanandan Puzhankara, composed by AR Rahman's protege Prashant Pillai for newcomer Lijo Jose Pellissery's visually stunning Nayakan. This song featured in the flashback segement of the movie showcasing the growing up years of its hero Indrajith along with his Kathakali master father Kalasala Babu. Prashant introduced a fantastic new female singer called Preethi Pillai through this gem of a song. The visuals, with vibrant colors from the Kathakali pallette were captured effectively by cinematographer Manoj Paramahamsa under the eye of director Lijo. Sadly, this song didnt get the recognition or popularity it deserved since the movie wasnt a major success. Yet for the people who've seen the movie or listened to the song, it will be hard to forget it. 

3. Neeyam Thanalinu (Cocktail)
Music - Ratheesh Vega
Singers - Vijay Yesudas, Thulasi Yatheendran
Lyrics - Anil Panachooran
Featuring - Anoop Menon, Samvritha Sunil
Director - Arun Kumar

Yet another great duet, this time with Vijay Yesudas and newcomer Thulasi Yatheendran doing the vocals for the new composer Ratheesh Vega's tune. An instant hit, this song became hugely popular because of its fresh appeal, wonderful vocals, lovely lyrics and slick visuals. Anoop Menon and Samvritha Sunil looked very good together in this romantic track. And director Arun Kumar came up with some really slick and stylish visuals. Vijay Yesudas goes on ahead to prove that he is indeed his father's son when it comes to singing as he's growing better with each song he sings. 

2. Arikathaayaaro Paadunnundo (Bodyguard)
Music - Ouseppachan
Singer - Ranjith
Lyrics - Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri
Featuring - Dileep, Nayanthara, Mithra Kurian
Choreographer - Prabhu Deva
Director - Siddique

Another wonderful song from Ouseppachan. This song was one of the first hits of the year 2010 and remained popular throughout the year. Ranjith's vocals oozed with romance and the track also had another version which had Shwetha and Madhu Balarkishnan as the vocalists. The song choreographed by Prabhu Deva (on special request by Nayanthara?) had Dileep in search of his unknown lover when she (Nayanthara) was there right next to him. The video had the right mix of romance and humour and worked very well. Nayanthara looked great and Dileep's humour worked much more than his turn as a romantic hero. 

1. Aaro Paadunnu Doore (Kadha Thudarunnu)
Music - Ilaiyaraaja
Singers - Hariharan, KS Chitra
Lyrics - Vayalar Sarath Chandra Varma
Featuring - Asif Ali, Mamta Mohandas
Director - Sathyan Anthikkad

Undoubtedly the best song of the year belongs to Maestro Ilaiyaraaja. Veteran singers Hariharan and KS Chitra showed why they're still the best in this lovely romantic composition for Sathyan Anthikkad's Katha Thudarunnu. The video featured the young star Asif Ali and the beautiful Mamta Mohandas and the chemistry between the two was adorable. Shot in picturesque locations by cinematographer Venu, this was melody at its best. Even though Hariharan's slight accent problem is jerky initially, the beauty of the song manages to camouflage all that. And KS Chitra's voice is just out of this world. A favourite among the audience even now, this beautiful Raaja Sir composition is sure to live on for years to come. 

There were several other very good songs this year such as - Swapnam Oru Chakk (Best Actor - Bijibal), Pontharakame (Aathmakatha - Alphonse), Athira (Apoorvaragam - Bijibal), Malayali Penne (Karyasthan - Bernie Ignatious), Ithile Thozhi (Elsamma Enna Aankutty - Rajamani), Kinavile Janalakal (Pranchiyettan & The Saint - Ouseppachan), Maavin Chottile (Oru Naal Varum - MG Sreekumar) and some more. But unfortunately, they couldnt make it to the list, as the list was already jam packed with great songs. Its nice to see that finally, some good music is coming out of our industry which has faced severe crisis in the music department upon the demise of Raveendran Mash. 


  1. Vivek..this is a really great list.. and urs is a great blog.. pls keep up the great work.. wat abt Kizhakkumala Kammalitta.. and Perilla Rajyathey ?.. Athu randum ee top 10 ile pala patukale kalum nallathalle?.. or did u decide it was one song per movie?

  2. kizhakkumala kammalitta was more or less the same as aazhi thira thannil veenalum. it was nice. but i didnt like it as much as i liked these songs. and perilla rajyathe, i dont like. the song aint that great for me and the video was terrible with dileep and nayanthara doing some weird steps.

  3. Though i'm a die hard mammootty i like ur reviews abt films......when a mammootty film releases i visit lal community to read ur review.....i had given u a frnd request in orkut and i think u rejected it bcoz i'm a mammootty fan.....ur review abt pranchi is the best for me till nw.....

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