Saturday, October 24

First Look - Rocket Singh - Salesman of the Year

Movie - Rocket Singh - Salesman of the Year (Hindi)
Director - Shimit Amin
Producer - Aditya Chopra
Writer - Jaideep Sahni
Music - Salilm/Sulaiman
Cast - Ranbir Kapoor, Shazahn Padamsree, Sharon Prabhakar, Gauhar Khan
Release Date - 11th December 2009

Here's the first look of Rocket Singh - Salesman of the Year, from the team that brought you the iconic movie Chak De! India. Director Shimit Amin, producer Aditya Chopra, writer Jaideep Sahni and music directors Salim and Sulaiman. Ranbir Kapoor is sure to be catapulted to the superstar league after this movie. The movie looks very interesting and going by the team's previous film, they have a winner on their hands. Leaving you with the first teaser of the movie. 

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  1. Very much impressed with Ranbir after watching Wake up....this singh will rock for sure ! ! !