Sunday, October 4

Tum Mile (Music) - Another winner from Pritam!!

Movie - Tum Mile (Hindi)
Director - Kunal Deshmukh
Producer - Mukesh Bhatt
Cast - Emraan Hashmi, Soha Ali Khan
Music - Pritam
Lyrics - Kumaar, Sayeed Quadri
Singers - Neeraj Sridhar, KK, Javed Ali, Irfan Ashraf, Shadab, Mohit Chauhan, Shafqat Amanat Ali.
Cinematography - Prakash Kutty
Release Date - 13th November 2009

Even if everyone accuses Pritam of plagiarism, most of his soundtracks end up as superhits. And he has always given awesome music for films produced by the Bhatts. (Gangster, Woh Lamhe, Jannat, etc.) He does the same, this time around too. Tum Mile's soundtrack has the same kind of sound used by Pritam in perhaps his best work so far, Life in a Metro. Tum Mile is about the floods that happened in Mumbai in 2005, so the breezy, rainy kind of feel is there in all the songs. I just love that!! This album works wonders when played on a rainy evening. And this album is the second one this year, without any female vocalist, after London Dreams. Now, lets get to the tracks.

'Tum Mile', the title track, written by Kumaar and performed by Neeraj Sridhar is an upbeat, groovy kind of track. Neeraj Sridhar's voice sounds the same as in several other Pritam songs.  Nothing new in it. The song actually sounds more like indipop than a Hindi film song. The song is about first love and is pretty candyfloss in its treatment. A regular track, with nothing special in it. (2.5/5)

'Dil Ibaadat' by KK, with lyrics by Sayeed Quadri, is the kind of song which this team (Emraan Hashmi, Pritam, Bhatts) is famous for. Intense, romantic and soulful with a slightly melancholic mood. KK proves yet again that he is one of the best singers we have ever had. He is just fabulous in this song and delivers it with all the intensity. You take an instant liking to the tune once you hear it. There are a lot of Afro-style sounds which are blended into the song without tampering the beauty of the song. The lyrics are intense, dramatic and romantic, all at the same time. Wonderful song!! (4/5)

'Tu Hi Haqeeqat' impresses right from the opening guitar note. You are hooked right from that note on to this soft rock track. Performed by Javed Ali with support from Irfan Ashraf and Shadab, this song is yet another mind-blowing track. The powerful guitar chords and the soulful rendering by Javed Ali makes this song one of the best ever tracks composed by Pritam. Lyrics by Sayeed Qaudri is again intense, with the lover describing how special his girl is for him, with some wonderful words, especially in the chorus parts. Beautiful!! (4/5)

'Iss Jahaan Mein' by Mohit Chauhan is a fresh, breezy and peppy number. Mohit Chauhan gets a break from his usual slow romantic tracks in this upbeat song with a steady rythm. This track is something on the lines of Pritam's own 'Main Kya Hoon' from Love Aaj Kal or 'Junoon' from New York earlier this year. Yet this one has its own individual appeal. It would be interesting to see how it would be visualized in the movie. Mohit Chauhan does a great job behind the mic in this song which is full of life, written by Sayeed Quadri. (3.5/5)

I was shocked to hear the next track, 'Tum Mile - Love Reprise'. I did not like the same tune very much when I heard the Neeraj Sridhar version, but this version, by Javed Ali is just wonderful. It is slower, sweeter and has something very lovable about it. Pritam treats this version of the title track as soft rock, and the guitar-solo in between was awesome. Javed Ali sounds much much better than the repetitive Neeraj Sridhar, and brings in much more life and romance to this song. Neeraj's version was more pop-like and this one is true-blue Hindi fillum types. Usually the reprise versions of songs never rise up to the level of the original tracks, but in this case, it is just the opposite. Fabulous!! (4/5)

'O Meri Jaan' is the sad song of the album with lyrics by Sayeed Quadri and vocals by KK. This song deserves full marks just for KK's rendition of the words 'O Meri Jaan'. He gives them so much of feel that you cant help but fall for it. This song has that rainy day feel throughout and has a sweet keyboard backup each time KK sings 'O Meri Jaan'. The soft-rock mood is retained in this track too, giving it more depth. The singer brings out all the emotions of the written lines wonderfully through his singing. Since Emraan Hashmi is famous for acting sad songs and turning them into hits, it wouldnt be a surprise if this song becomes another superhit. (4/5)

The next track is the rock version of 'Dil Ibaadat' by KK again. This time, the guitar gets more scope than KK and merging these together seamlessly, Pritam creates another mind-blowing song. The guitar solos come at the right places and are a treat to the ears. In fact, the guitar interludes take this song to much greater heights. An improved version of the already lovely track. I hope this one is used in the film. (4.5/5)

Shafqat Amanat Ali, the man who sang the beautiful track 'Mitwa' from Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna gets to sing the rock version of the title track, 'Tum Mile'. Pritam scores with the distorted guitar parts yet again. Shafqat's rendition is soothing and he brings his own signature to it by bringing in a classical touch to his singing. Now I realise that this track hadnt worked for me in the actual version, just because of Neeraj Sridhar's voice. It just didnt suit this song. When Javed Ali and Shafqat Amanat Ali came into the picture, the whole song changed drastically. Pritam just nails it with the guitar portion towards the end of the song. Deadly!! (4.5/5)

The album ends with an instrumental theme piece, 'Soul of Tum Mile', starts with a thunder and steadily progresses with an in-built 'drenched kind of feel'. Pritam slowly builds up tension through his music and beats towards the latter half of the song. This track should work very well as the the theme or the soul of the movie, as part of the background score. (3.5/5)

This year has been really good for Pritam with hit tracks in all his albums, right from Billu and New York to Dil Bole Hadippa. He gave a chartbuster soundtrack for Love Aaj Kal and his music for the upcoming movie All The Best is also getting very popular. But Tum Mile would definitely find a place among his career-bests.The movie, which has an interesting premise, coupled with these fabulous songs has all the potential to turn into yet another superhit for this team, which already had hits like Gangster and Jannat.  Though, the mood is quite similar to Life in a Metro, Pritam has created some great songs for this album which would be remembered for long. 

Rating - 4/5


  1. Well said bro..Gr8 album frm Pritam..And I shud say K.K is brilliant

  2. Gangster, Woh Lamhe, Jannat and so many other hits from movies like Awarapan, race...etc....and now TUM MILE...the songs just rocks. This man is here to stay for a long time....

  3. i dont think awarapan was pritam, if i'm not wrong..

  4. and do u know when the dvd of kaminey by moser baer is releasing?? the dvd rips are available online, so the original dvds must be comin out soon na?

  5. kaminey is moserbaers next release in hindi..will com out soon

  6. KAMINEY DVD has been released overseas by UTV, thats te rip that is taking round at the net. Moser Baer still hasn't taken any order's for it, but I am expecting it soon as it was released overseas around a week back....I thought Awarapan's music was by Pritam....I still remember the titles showing Music by Pritam. Is there any other pritam's around in Hindi films ?

  7. but the 2 hit songs were by pakistani guys.. not pritam.. these bhatt films hav many composers in one film for many of their movies.. thats y the confusion...

  8. Vivek.....just received a e-mail for Kaminey order' it will release in 2-3 days for sure. Did you see the movie ? or waiting for it on DVD ?

  9. i already saw the movie twice in theatre.. and downloaded the rip also.. but want to watch it in the original dvd, which would obviously have some 'Making of' kind of stuff and all.. so waiting for that.. and i so badly wanna write about the movie.. its so bloody brilliant!!