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Gulumaal - The Escape (Music)

Movie - Gulumaal - The Escape (Malayalam)
Director - VK Prakash
Producer - Sajitha Prakash
Cast - Jayasurya, Kunchacko Boban, Mithra, Nedumudi Venu, Salimkumar, Devan, Suraaj Venjarammood, Bijukkuttan
Music - Manu Ramesan
Cinematography - Fowzia Fathima
Editor - Mahesh Narayanan
Lyrics - S Ramesan Nair, Simon Paluvi
Story, Screenplay - YV Rajesh
Release Date - 4th December 2009

Gulumaal promises to be a fun comedy about two 'tharikidas' Jayasurya and Kunchacko Boban who are out to make some money by conning people. The film has been shot in the digital format, a not-so-tried method in our industry. The music of the film is done by debutante Manu Ramesan, who is the son of our famous lyric writer S Ramesan Nair and Ramesan Nair has penned the lyrics along with Simon Paluvi for this film too. The album has 4 songs which stay true to the genre of the film.

'Gulumaal' is probably the theme song of the film. We have had quite an iconic song in the same name 20 years back in the film Ramjirao Speaking. We are yet to forget that song, but this one is a completely fresh number which clearly brings out the 'gulumaal' or ultimate confusion feel. The singers are Anoop Shankar, Roshan and Ajay Sathyan and they do a neat job together. Its a fun, energetic,  peppy number which has a comic feel throughout. It should probably work very well as the theme track of the film, whenever the two get into some Gulumaal. Lyrics by Ramesan Nair contribute a lot to the fun element. (3.5/5)

'Vennila' is by veteran singer P Jayachandran, who regularly has at least one song in almost all VK Prakash films. The song starts in a Mappilappaattu style and proceeds adding some nice beats. Then Jayachandran's great voice takes over. Simon Paluvi's lyrics talk about the mother, father and the family of the person who's singing. But the lyrics and the tune do not sync well. If its a song about the family and all, the tune shouldnt have had so much rap and beats and all on it. But Jayachandran's voice is a plus point. The song gets over in less than 3 minutes. A mediocre song whose only plus point is the presence of a singer like Jayachandran. (2.5/5)

'Thaam Tharikida' is the best track of the album. It begins in an interesting fashion. The Suprabhatham is rendered in a different way and then an RJ from Red FM takes over wishing everyone good morning. Then Salimkumar introduces Kochi and its people through some witty dialogues in his usual comic style. That is truly an innovative beginning to the song giving an idea about what to expect from the song as well as the movie. The lyrics by Ramesan Nair talk about each and every person being a tharikida, and is very witty throughout. The singers Anoop Shankar, Vidhu Prathap, G Venugopal and Vinay Govind do a great job together. Vidhu's rendering stands out among all of them. Another VK Prakash favourite, G Venugopal lends his beautiful voice making tharikida sound melodious. The English definition of tharikidarendered by Vinay Govind in some sort of a robotic voice was really funny. Anoop Shankar is also a new promising singer. It would be interesting to see how this fun song is picturised in the movie. All in all, a great track. (4/5)

'Kilu Kilukkum' by Sithara takes us back to the cabaret songs of the 70s. The whole composition and rendering has maintained that retro feel throughout. And that is probably the best thing about this song. Lyrics by Simon Paluvi also gives that 70s feel. It should probably be an item number picturised in a retro style in the movie. Special mention to Manu Ramesan for coming up with this unique tune which reminds us so much of the 70s and those cabaret songs which would most probably take place at the villain's den (who would most probably be Josprakash :P). Singer Sithara is quite good and has the kind of voice which we have heard in those kind of songs earlier. Even though remixes have been done, its probably the first time that a retro style song has been attempted in Malayalam. So this song scores in that aspect. (3.5/5)

On the whole, the songs of Gulumaal stay true to the genre of the film. Manu Ramesan is a music director to watch out for. He has come up with some fresh tunes and has his signature in all the songs of the film (which is great for a newcomer). The film is a comedy and songs are not such a crucial aspect for such films. But this film has songs which have the comic feel that goes in sync with the movie's theme. To make it short, the soundtrack has enoughgulumaal and tharikida to keep you occupied.  :) Let's see how the movie fares.

Rating - 3.5/5

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