Thursday, November 19

Inglourious Basterds - One word Review

Movie - Inglourious Basterds (English with almost all European languages also)
Writer/Director - Quentin Tarantino
Cast - Brad Pitt, Christopher Waltz, Michael Fassbender, Eli Roth, Diane Kruger, Daniel Bruhl, Til Schweiger, Melanie Laurent

I have just one word for the whole movie as my review -



  1. he...he.....ithu pattila Vivek ! ! !...U thought writing reviews was so easy ? We know this movie is mindblowing & will be watching it soon.

  2. It is just that i dont have any more words to say about the movie.. And if I say anything more, it would kill the fun of watching this movie for others.. So short and sweet!! MUST WATCH!!

  3. Hi Vivek,

    Fortuitously bumped into this blog while searching for V.Sreekumar in google. And I should say that I am really impressed. I see a very good attribute of a movie-maker in you - Eye for the detail. All the best wishes man. What Malayalam now reuquire is people who can give that extra care to the detail.

    Regarding IB, am a great fan of Tarantino. Has it been released in Kerala? Read a great review about this movie in "The Sunday Magazine" of Hindu. Am really anxious to watch this.


  4. Thank You So Much JK... I hope your words turn true.. :) :)

    IB hasnt released in Kerala. Ppl here would not appreciate such movies. They want just stupid stuff like 2012.. I got it in a (sorry to say this) DVD rip.. Couldnt help downloading.. Wanted to see it very badly..

  5. Ha Ha.. Atleast you agree that 2012 is a waste of time. Thanks for that. I had fought a one-man battle in FB for this :). And as the saying among my friends-circle goes, "When Jk says a movie is good, dont watch it and when he says its bad, you better watch that"

  6. lol.. our ppl are just in awe of 2012.. i dunno wats so great bout that movie.. i found it to be really funny... didnt bother writing a review on it..

    and ya, my friends also say the same thing about me.. they also add a thing that I end up liking almost all movies.. There is never a movie that i do not like..

  7. Happy to hear that u liked IG..... just like me,.....:)

  8. Not seen IB yet dude.I read the review by SK.Loved the way he described it.
    Btw I hate downloading/torrenting ;). Am waiting for the original DVD/movie to hit. You know the mantra rt - Stop Piracy :)))

  9. yea.. but english dvds cost a fortune.. so its better to download.. lol.. i cannot watch bad prints.. i make sure i download only after the dvd is out.. i'm also against piracy.. but one cant help if they dont release such good movies in theatres..

  10. Aah, thats one point where we differ. I still buy Original VCDs/DVDs, though I have around 500GB worth movies in my HardDisk. ;)
    Spent around 10-12K on Cds alone till now.

    Am waiting for a real big lottery so that I can build a Home-theatre for me (ofcourse, I have to build the home first;))

  11. i wouldnt mind spending.. but 500 and 600 and all for a dvd is just too much.. thats just not reasonable at all.. i buy all original dvds which come out within a reasonable price of 200 rs... otherwise i buy copies of original discs or download em.. no camera prints anyways.. i hav some 1000 odd dvds and vcds lying here..

  12. Well, every person is entitled for a little excess isn't it. ;).
    Since you have arnd 1000, do you mind if I have a look at it one day ;). I would really like to increase my library size and i know you are sure to have some good ones.
    Btw going through vibetalkies just now.Hearty Congratulations.[:)] Paleri Manikyam is quite promising from the looks of it.