Tuesday, September 8

Kandhasamy - Cock and Bull movie!!

Movie - Kandhasamy (Tamil)
Director - Susi Ganesan
Producer - Kalaippuli S Dhanu
Cast - Vikram, Shriya, Prabhu, Ashish Vidyarthi, Mukesh Tiwari
Music - Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography - N Ekambaram
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues - Susi Ganesan.
Release Date - August 21, 2009

I had to pay 50 rupees extra to a black ticket dealer to get a ticket for this movie. So altogether it cost me 100 bucks. And I went in for the movie. Only once in my life have I got a headache after seeing a movie. That was Mammootty's Raudram last year (I ended up having a fever after that). This is the second one. The movie is so painful to watch and was painstakingly long as well. It was around 3 hours and 15 minutes if I'm not wrong. 

I had a lot of expectations from this movie when it was launched in a unique way by showing a trailer even before the movie's launch. But after 2 years, during the eve of release, when I learned that Vikram is playing a superhero called Kokkarakko, I had doubts in my mind. And when I saw the movie, I dont know what to say. Complete disaster!!

OK. For a superhero character, if you have to relate it to an animal or bird, what would you do?? Choose something masculine like people in the west have done with Batman, Spiderman and all that. But who on earth would pick a hen or cock or whatever as the get-up of a superhero?? The introduction of the superhero needs to be the highlight of the movie, but in this one, it is the most funny part. Vikram comes wearing a complete Cock costume and does all its actions and breaks into a dance saying that he is sent by Kandasamy before beating up Mansoor Ali Khan (Irritating to the core). That was the funniest scene in the movie. I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw such a reputed, national award winning actor like Vikram doing such idiotic things on screen. (Especially after all the talk he has given about this movie). Vikram looks dashing in the parts where he plays the CBI officer. But thats all he has to do in the film. There is absolutely no challenge for him in both the roles. In fact, he had done much much more in Anniyan. A movie that can fall into the same genre. I feel sorry for Vikram. He's having his third flop in a row now. And that too in 4 years, he has had only flops other than Anniyan. Bheema looks like a classic in front of Kandasamy. 

Krrish, which was a really pathetic movie (for me), was an actual superhero and was able to successfully capture the fancy of kids and some elders as well, because it was the first superhero movie in the country. This movie comes with the tag of a superhero movie, but it is not. Vikram's Kokkarakko is nothing but another costume that the CBI officer Kandasamy puts when he wants to do things which he cannot do when he's on duty. The back-story as to how he became a superhero is the most ridiculous thing one can imagine. And they even go into a full 'Making of the superhero' segment showing how the Kokkarakko thing does its stunts with the help of strings and sound effects and all. This further drags the movie. At that point, nobody was even remotely interested in how he does those stunts and all.  Vikram's other get-ups (old man, lady) and all are just there for very short whiles. And are absolutely unnecessary. The lady get up was hilarious. He looked every bit like a eunuch. And insulted Aishwarya Rai's songs also. Lol.

Shriya looked hot. But not as much as her earlier movies (ATM, Sivaji). I think the costume department has done some good work. Both Vikram's and Shriya's costumes were awesome. (except for the kokkarakko costume).  Shirya's voice was given by Suchithra (Mirchi Suchi) i guess. That was sexy. Suchithra has an amazingly sexy voice. But what to do, Shriya moves her lips in an entirely opposite direction. So the good dubbing is really wasted. 

Prabhu was the only good thing in the movie. The veteran has the capability to save the movie (at least for a short while) with his experience and honesty. Its a relief when he comes on screen. Vadivel should be tortured to death for all the crude, crass, vulgar, disgusting jokes he has cracked in this movie and other movies as well. Nothing more. Nothing less. He should be killed. I see no point in adding a comedy track just for market sake, with no relation to the story (not that this film has a story). Truly pathetic. Ashish Vidyarthi escapes from the trouble of moving his lips in sync in Tamil by acting paralysed. So he can do whatever he wants with his mouth. The dubbing artiste has had all the trouble. Feeling sorry for whoever it is. The CBI chief is some Telugu veteran. He was so damn funny. I think he replaced Raghuvaran after his death. Whoever thought of this guy as a replacement for the great actor Raghuvaran, should be murdered. That guy's acting would even beat Sam Anderson (:P). I heard that he's Mahesh Babu's father. Sad!! The trailer showed that there was Santhanam, Vivek, Nasser and all in the cast. Nobody was there. Weird!!

The director Susi Ganesan, didnt feel satisfed by making a mess out of the whole movie, so he acts in a role as well. I have nothing to say about him. :| 

The songs arent good at all. Thumbs down to the usually good Devi Sri Prasad. Only 'Excuse me' and 'Ithellam dupe' are at least average. 'Excuse me' is good coz of Suchi's voice. And 'Ithellam dupe' was totally unnecessary in the movie. Other songs were all sad!! The mexico song, though shot in amazing locations was so painful to watch coz of editing as i mentioned earlier. Ditto for the other song. Either the editing spoils it or u cant see half the stuff coz of the projection. The 'Meenakumari' song with Mumaith Khan was unintentionally funny. There was a lot of hype regarding a bullfight that Vikram does in a famous arena in Mexico in the song Mambo Maamiya . But what we see is him fighting with Shriya there and a long shot of some other guy fighting the bull. Ha Ha!! Another song Meow Meow has to be heard to be believed. 

About the story, I'm not saying anything. Coz I couldnt find anything which could be called as a story. The plots of Sivaji and Anniyan (2 brilliantly wholesome entertainers) are mixed together to create some nonsense. Susi Ganesan has tried to be a Shankar, and has failed miserably. The cinematography was ok. But the poor projection in the theatre I watched, killed it. But the camera kept on moving. Recently, I watched an Adoor Gopalakrishnan movie and throughout the movie, I was praying for the camera to move at least once. Here, I wanted the camera to be steady in at least one shot. GOD!! I want to personally beat up the editor, whoever he is. What on earth was he thinking. Random visuals keep popping in and out. And there are white screen flash frames at every edit point. This was the main cause for my headache!! Ask him to go see Kaminey, to learn how well a film with a unique narrative can be edited. 

Vikram asks Mumaith Khan how much she was paid to dance for Mukesh Tiwari after the item number. She says 20 lakhs. He tells Mukesh that so much of money is wasted. You could have given it all to the poor. Same thing I have to say to the producer Mr. Dhanu. You have wasted so much of money on this movie. And are making more poor people waste money on their tickets. You could have not made this one. I think he knew this question would come his way. Thats why he took anticipatory bail in the form of adopting some unknown villages (dunno whether its just publicity).

Dig this!! Shriya asks vikram out for a coffee. He agrees to go with her. She asks him to get inside a plane. He is surprised, to which she says, she goes to the saloon to cut her hair itself in a plane (hahahahahaha). And then they land in some foreign location. While drinkin coffee, shriya starts singing. Excuse me Mr.Kandhasamy, oru coffee kudippom come with me. HOW LAME CAN CINEMA GET!!!! 

I hope Vikram gets back on track with Ravan, which again is a very risky film. Mani Ratnam films may not always have good box office collections. (Though they are all brilliant).  And its gonna be very controversial as well. (Cos its dealing with the Ramayana). Lets hope for the best. 

Rating - Ko Ko Kokkarakkoooooo!! 1/5. (.5 for Prabhu and .5 for Vikram's and Shriya's looks).  Totally not recommended!! Go in, if you want to come out with a headache!!


  1. Awesome review man.. i wanted to see this movie but after reading your review i have changed my mind..
    Thanks for saving me from a torture... :)

  2. nice work vivek,keep it coming,

  3. dont compare anyone to the great SAM ANDERSON.......he is just a class apart

  4. i know.. sorry for that.. Sam Anderson is truly a genius..

  5. hahahahaha!! i completely agree! but you must hand it to them for actually believing in the story enough to make it a film! really! what is this world coming to?

  6. Lol..i dont want to watch it either..after readin ur review

  7. hehe.. it seems they collected 32 crores in the first weeks.. bullshit!!