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Vettaikkaaran (Music) - Catchy songs from Vijay Antony for a typical Vijay movie soundtrack..

Movie - Vettaikkaaran (Tamil)
Director - Babu Sivan
Producer - AVM Balasubramanian
Cast - Vijay, Anushka, Salim Ghouse
Music - Vijay Antony
Lyrics - Kabilan, Vivega, Annamalai
Singers - Ananthu, Mahesh Vinayakram, Shankar Mahadevan, Krish, Suchithra, Boni Killer, Dinesh Kanagarathinam, Ramya, Surchith, Sangeetha Rajeshwaran, Krishna Iyer, Shoba Sekar, Charulathamani, Sakthi Sree

This is Vijay's next movie after the disastrous Villu this year. Though Villu was a sad movie, it boasted of chartbuster tracks. This time Vijay Antony, the current hot composer, is doing the music for this Ilaya Thalapathy film. It is funny that even after repeated flops in the same genre, our hero Vijay still follows the same set pattern of songs in his movies. One introduction song, one punch song, one romantic song and 2 kuthu paattu kind of songs. The songs arent bad, but are in the same pattern that his other films follow. It is high time he breaks away from this, otherwise he would be digging his own grave. Vijay Antony gives some really catchy numbers. Now, lets get into the review.

The first song 'Puli Urumudhu', written by Kabilan, starts with a chant like portion which is obviously for the hero's introduction. It is impossible for a Vijay movie to start without such a song. Even AR Rahman had to oblige for this situation (Ellappugazhum) when he did a Vijay movie. This one is no different. I can imagine how this would be picturised with Vijay walking or dancing, and a crowd singing praises for him, announcing the arrival of the 'Vettaikkaaran'. Usually Vijay sings about himself in his introduction songs. But here, it is the rest of the people who are singing, from what the lyrics suggest. So i guess he would just be standing and giving poses and smiles all through the song. Verses from the Bhagavad Gita are also used in this song in between. The singers are Ananthu and Mahesh Vinayakram. They sing at the highest of pitches with a ferocious feel to it. An okay song, which may work well if the song is shot well in the movie. (3/5)

The second song is 'Chinna Thamarai' written by Vivega. The singers are Krish and Suchithra supported by Dinesh Kanagarathinam, Ramya and rap from Boni Killer. Its a groovy kind of track, which sounds like a rip-off from some very familiar English pop music tunes. But its an average song. Krish and Suchithra do a good job. I'm a huge fan of Suchithra's voice. She has such an amazingly sexy voice which is being used in more and more films now. Good!! The rap is ok, and as usual, undecipherable. I can imagine Vijay and Anushka dancing in some foreign location for this song. (3/5)

Next up is the punch song, 'Naan Adichaa' written by Kabilan with vocals by the National award winning singer Shankar Mahadevan. It is amazing to see how Shankar Mahadevan turns such a random song into a lively number with his energy alone. I said earlier that Vijay didnt get a chance to sing about himself in the introduction song. I think that is justified here where he sings, 'Naan adichaa thaanga maatte, naalu maasam thoonga maatte.. '. The beats are similar to Vijay Antony's own Nakka Mukka at places. The small bit by a kid and the roaring of the lion and all were interesting. Lyrics by Kabilan which is written for a typical Tamil superhero, are fun. However, most of the credit for this song being good, should go to Shankar Mahadevan, for making it so enjoyable and lively. The energy he brings to any ordinary song is unbelievable. (3.5/5)

'Karigalan', written by Kabilan, is the next song in the album. A typical Ilaya Thalapathy song where Vijay would be dancing away to glory with his heroine. Another catchy number from Vijay Antony. New singers Surchith and Sangeetha Rajeshwaran sing this dance number, which is again, fun to hear. The English parts in the beginning sound like a chorus bit from a not so famous Malayalam song. This song should be able to satisfy Vijay fans who expect a kuthu number at a certain point in the movie. But the good thing is that, though this song is folksy in nature, it is not a complete kuthu paattu. There is a very light, catchy tune running through the entire song. (3/5)

The actual 'Kuthu Paattu' comes in the form of 'Uchimandai' by Krishna Iyer, Shoba Sekar, Charulathamani and Sakthi Sree. Again, a typical song which would satisfy the fans of the Ilaya Thalapathy who want to hear such songs and watch his dance in such numbers. The ridiculous lines 'Meow meow poonai' which we heard last in the horrible Kandhasamy, find a place in this song also. A track with heavy beats and ridiculous lyrics by Annamalai as it is expected to be. The Vijay Antony signature is there all over the track. A not so bad kuthu number considering that we have heard some real weird stuff like Mozha Mozhannu Yamma Yamma in Vijay movies not so long ago. (2.5/5)

All the songs in this album are extremely catchy and they perfectly serve the purpose that an album of a Vijay movie has. Though the songs arent bad, it should be noted that these songs can be placed in any random Vijay movie without making any difference to the narrative or the story of the movie. A movie album should have some sort of uniqueness and sync with the movie's theme. Since the theme and template of all Vijay movies are the same, nothing can be done about that. It is high time Vijay changes his pattern. His earlier film, Villu also had a hit soundtrack, but the movie flopped badly. Lets hope this movie is not as bad, and I sincerely wish Vijay all the best. We can see all the songs being repeatedly played on television soon as the movie is taken up by Sun Pictures who use their channels incessantly to promote their movies. On the whole, this album has extremely catchy songs by Vijay Antony for a typical Vijay movie soundtrack. 

Rating - 3/5


  1. Bro... i havnt heard any of vettaikaran songs... will post my comment on your review after hearing the songs...!!

  2. i too hav directed a short film..infact it was 35 mins long...t was called out of syllabus....neways will watch ur mvie and rate it within 2 ne plans of releasin it in dvd?nd how long s it?

  3. its just 12 mins.. and no plans of releasing it and all... it was just an attempt at comedy.. not very good and all.. i just wanted to break away from the cliche when all the others from my batch were doing documentaries and rona-dhona kind of shorts..

  4. incidentally our out of syllabus also dealt with a similar was an attempted satire on the present day horror a grp of 3 movie lovin freaks manage to make a disastrous horror movie was its theme...only one diff the 3 leads were medical students with passion for cinema.....yu hav some download links for yur ma connection is plug 2 surf..t will take a hell lot of tym to watch it as a streamin vdo...

  5. i dont hav download links for mine.. just streaming..

  6. i had uploaded it in mega upload 2 years back.... i deleted it recently to accomodate some other stuff in my account...anyway will upload again in yutube soon.....ts also an amateur stuff...we did the post production editin/dubbin and all here in jobby's film studio in south....

  7. btw suddish kamat has his short film in his blog which features madhavan in a cameo..hope yu had seen it..ts pretty funny