Tuesday, September 15

Loudspeaker (Music) - Nostalgic music which brings back good memories..

Movie - Loudspeaker (Malayalam)
Director - Jayaraaj
Producer - Jayaraaj
Music - Bijibal
Lyrics - Anil Panachooran
Cast - Mammootty, Sasikumar, Gracy Singh, Jagathy Sreekumar, Salimkumar
Singers - Vijay Yesudas, P Jayachandran, Mammootty and others. 

The opening of the album itself gives a great impression on you as you hear the tune of the beautiful old song 'Alliyambal Kadavil ' being whistled. When Vijay Yesudas starts singing the rest of the song, you are completely floored. A beautiful recreation of that timeless melody created by Job Master, P Bhaskaran and KJ Yesudas for the film Rosy is done by young music director Bijibal with the help of none other than Yesudas' son Vijay. Vijay had done a similar recreation of his father's song 'Poomukhavathilkkal' in the movie Ivar Vivahitharayaal. He did a great job then and does an even better job with this song. He gives the right feel needed for this song which comes in a very nostalgic situation in the movie. The orchestration is minimal, giving full emphasis on vocals. But that special wavy sound created in the old original is missing here. The instrumental interlude is different from the original, yet done very well. A completely nostalgic song, very well placed at the beginning of the soundtrack. It is a chance for the new generation who havent heard this song so far (the number might be very few considering the popularity of this song), to hear it and love it. Vijay has tried his best to retain the feel and sweetness that his father his given to the song and he does a good job too. My respect and admiration for Vijay Yesudas has grown again after this song. (5/5)

The next track is again a song that creates enough nostalgia, 'Kaattaarinu Thoraathoru' written by Anil Panachooran and sung by veteran singer P Jayachandran. Again, a beautiful song which is very easy on the ears. You instantly develop a liking for it. Jayachandran's voice is still so nice to hear. Its a delight to hear him sing. He incorporates his own feel to the song. The lyrics by Anil Panachooran, who is among the very few people who write good lyrics now is also very nice and adds to the nostalgic feel of the song. It is basically a song about a mother bird and its children. There is also a folk interlude in a female voice towards the end of this song, which fits very well into the song. The song has a female version as well by a new singer Anjali, in a different melancholic mood, which is also very nice to hear. (4/5)

Next is 'Manjinte Marala ' with vocals by a group of children and Mammootty himself. It is a Christmas carol song and the lyrics are written accordingly talking about Christ's birth. But Mammootty's voice jars in between the sweet voices of the children. Mammootty had done singing only once before this in his career. It was for Pallavoor Devanarayanan which had music by the late legendary composer Raveendran Master. He sounds very excited when he is singing. But I guess it is done purposely because Mammootty is playing a peculiar character who speaks very loudly even in normal situations. He sings like a person who doesnt have any idea of music. But still, he sings in sync with the children towards the end in the right shruthi. It may work in the movie, but a person unaware of the movie would be put off by Mammootty's voice when he hears the song. The children do a neat job though.  (3/5)

Next is 'Changazhi Muthumaay ' which is again by a chorus of children and Mammootty. Looks like Mammootty has gone all out by singing 2 songs in the movie. This song about the rain has a fun, playful mood. The main attraction of all the songs of the movie is that all of them are songs with 'Malayalathanima' (I dont know how to express it in English. Forgive me!!) which we dont get to hear in any of the recent songs that come out in Malayalam. The lyrics is definitely one of the factors that contribute to this. Great job by Anil Panachooran in all the songs he has written, especially in this one. The children do a wonderful job with their singing. Mammootty joins them in a playful mood with his off-pitch voice, which thankfully doesnt jar in this song, as his lines are mostly like dialogues. Except for a part where he sings his lines in extreme high pitch and he gets what we call, a 'Velli', while singing the high registers, which again is done purposely if I'm not wrong. At least it is so much better than his completely feminine voice in Ee Pattanathil Bhootham. Full marks for the children and pass marks for Mammootty. Very nice song. The song also has a male version by a new singer called Ganesh, which isnt half as fun as this, but still good to hear. (4/5)

This album takes us back to the good old days of Malayalam music. First of all with the evergreen track 'Alliyambal' and then the new fresh tracks which are also able to generate a nostalgic feel in the listener. Bijibal had done a great job in his debut film Arabikkatha. But went on to do mediocre work in movies like Minnaminnikkoottam and Daddy Cool recently. But with this album, he has a winner on his hands. And Anil Panachooran also deserves special mention because he has brought the Malayalam flavour back to our songs. (A great relief for one who is subjected to atrocious songs like Onnu Randu Moonnu Naalu Style Style). The film also looks equally interesting and is getting ready for release this week. Wishing all the luck to the cast and crew, especially Mammootty, who hasnt had a good hit/movie for a long time now. 

Rating - 4/5


  1. liked vijays track.............bt didnt quite like the jayachandran one.......maybe it had too many change in tune........dnt know.
    on the contrary liked the carol song.....it was quite funny
    & surprisingly liked 'changazhy muthumayi'........think they hav edited mammootys sound....seems oddat certain places

  2. vijay's track is of course the best.. jayachandran's track was very good for me.. lovely lyrics.. mammootty's songs are also nice.. the children do very well.. maybe mammootty's voice was used for the character's sake in the movie..