Friday, September 25

Nayakan - My Short Film

Movie - Nayakan (Tamil)
Cast - Rahul Nair, Sudharshan Anandkumar, Vinay Govindankutty, Arthi Venkatesh, Selvan Sudhakar Ross, Chandan Govind, David Thachireth.
Special Appearance - Pooja Parasuraman, Nikhila Sukumar
Narration - Joseph Kurian
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues - Vivek Ranjit, Vinay Govindankutty
Cinematography - Joseph Kurian, Vivek Ranjit
Editing - Rejeesh Melethil
Creative Support - Vinay Govindankutty, Nishanth Pio
Release Date - March 2008
Music - From Various Films
Producer - Vivek Ranjit
Director - Vivek Ranjit

This is a short film which I had directed as part of my college project. It is quite a juvenile attempt as this was the first time I filmed something. So all the flaws of a first timer is there in this. It doesnt boast of a very original screenplay as well. Most of the scenes are inspired by comic scenes which I have loved over all these years of movie watching. I made it that way and I've tried to bring about my love for movies through that. It is made in Tamil and is about a terrible actor called Shakthi, who cannot act for nuts, but still aspires to be a superstar. How he goes about towards his goal and finally, where he ends up forms the thread of this short film which lasts 12 minutes. The cast and crew are all my classmates from Loyola College. This was screened at a small function hosted by Loyola College at the Russian Cultural Centre, Chennai which was attended by people like director KS Ravikumar, etc. It was received quite well by the audience there. Hope you people like it. 


  1. Excellent work bro... "ulaga mahanadigan" Rahul nair was cool....Nayagan is one of my favorite movie too.. i felt nayagan was an adaptation of francis ford coppola's godfather.. Kamal hassan as vito corloeone...!!!

    Anyways nice work bro.. i just loved the video..!!

  2. thank u vivek..
    nayakan had shades of the godfather..
    but the more direct adaptation of that movie into tamil would be thevar magan.. check it out.. bharathan and kamal haasan..

  3. Ha Ha... The NavaRasam on the UlagaMahanadigan was too good. Good one man, though amateur attempt.The climax was the best shot and really has been taken well.Kudos to the entire team.

  4. Super Super!! *whistles*!!!

    yay/! yay!!!

    P.s- - - my name is ParasuRaman!!! (plz change :(